Will my Moto X 4 work with Project FI as well as Republic?


I currently have a 2nd gen Moto X and I love it but I’m ready for an upgrade. I was thinking about buying the 4th gen Moto X from Republic. I am happy with Republic but also have been considering trying Project Fi. It SEEMS that all I would need to do to use the phone with Project Fi, would be to get a SIM card from them, or use the SIM card that Republic provides to stay with Republic. Does that seem right? I would like to confirm this before I buy the phone. Thanks!



Hi @shannone.kqcm3p,

The only variant of the Moto X4 that would work with both Republic and Project Fi in the Android One variant. As far as I know, the Android One variant may be purchased only from Project Fi itself.

More details here: Moto X4 Now Available at Republic Wireless!. To be clear all three variants listed at the referenced link work with Republic. Only the Android One variant also works with Project Fi.



Hi Roland, Thanks for your reply! It seems that Republic would accept Moto X 4 unlocked and also the Android One version, and Project Fi will accept both as well. What makes you think that only the Android One version would work with both? When I go to Project Fi, and scroll to the bottom at “bring your own phone” it shows both the Android One version and the regular version. https://fi.google.com/about/phones/



Nice find. Every piece of reporting I’d seen until now was only the Android One Moto X4 would work with Project Fi. Fi, it would seem, says differently. Motorola, apparently, concurs: https://www.motorola.com/us/carrier-compatibility. I happily stand corrected.

Republic does indeed accept all three North American factory unlocked variants (Standard, Android One and Amazon).



I had to do a lot of clicking around to get the info I wanted, but happy that it seems it is compatible with both. Although I’m happy with Republic, I am considering testing out the competition and want to be assured that I could come back if I don’t like Fi. I have loved my Moto X 1st and 2nd gen phones so I assume that I will be happy with the 4th gen one as well.



Hi @shannone.kqcm3p,

Since you’re obviously doing your homework, you might want to check reviews for the Moto X4. Some would seem to suggest the X4 isn’t worth the asking price. The Moto X series is no longer Motorola’s flagship phone. That is now the Moto Z series.

I’m not saying the X4 isn’t a worthy investment as I haven’t researched it thoroughly enough to make that judgement. Food for thought is all.



I watched a few review videos but haven’t done much research since I am creature of habit - if I try a new phone, how will i ever get used to having the buttons in different places?? :stuck_out_tongue: I considered upgrading to the Moto X Pure but ended up just sticking to my 2nd gen Moto X since I have the grandfathered in 5gb plan, but now it is 2 years old and I’m ready for something new. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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I believe several people have commented on how much of the memory is being used for native apps and the operating system. That’s something you may want to look at before buying this phone.

It’s also possible that a 64GB version will appear a bit later. That would help remedy this issue.


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