Will my old Moto E (2nd Gen) work somewhere else?


I just bought a new phone (Moto G5 Plus) to use at Republic Wireless. Someone wants to use my old Moto E (2nd Gen) at Freedom Pop. I really don’t understand about GSM and CDMA. If Freedom Pop uses GSM, does that mean my old RW phone will not work there because Republic Wireless Phones use CDMA? I know it was modified to work at Republic Wireless.



Hi @janb.b6b4q6

I think we would need more information on “how” your friend wants to use it. If ‘using’ it means as a telephone, why not just use it on RW’s $10 talk and text plan?. I’m just curious because this is not something I have seen asked before.

Some phones are GSM only, others CDMA only, and many phones these days can do either, but not all of them. RW 1.0/2.0 phones are unique to RW because of their Custom ROM, and are CDMA only.

Additionally, you may want to review this recent topic… Any planned competition with $12.99 FreedomPop with some data?

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Thanks for you quick reply. It is helpful.

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Hi @janb.b6b4q6,

A Republic Wireless Moto E (2nd Gen) cannot be activated by other carriers.


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