Will my phone work in other cities


**What phone do you have moto g4 plus
What plan are you on? latest $20 / month
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? every thing

Issue Description

the base location for my phone is Westfield NJ.
When I traveled to northern Maine this fall, the phone did not connect to any cell tower, even though the coverage map said the phone should work.

I’m going to Dallas in 10 days. will my phone work there?


You should have service in Dallas no problem.


Depending which underlying carrier your phone is using, Maine can have pretty sketchy coverage. Dallas on the other hand has great coverage with both carrier partners.


I’ve seen this a couple of times with a G5+ on the GSM carrier. It is as if the phone loses it registration with the provider. Restarting the phone has fixed it for us.


Where in Maine and which map did you use?
both carrier don’t have much in coverage in Maine (though they should roam but even Roaming is every where)
Republic CDMA map for Maine

Republic’s GSM map for Maine

Republic CDMA map for Dallas

Republic GSM map for Dallas

Republic CDMA map Coverage Check | Republic Wireless
CDMA partner map https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp
Republic GSM map Coverage Check | Republic Wireless
GSM Partner map https://maps.t-mobile.com/pcc.html?map=mvno-roamd-34l


I was in bar harbor maine. And, as I stated earlier, I had no cell service at all. My phone is supposed to be able to do CDMA and GSM , but, I wonder if the SIM card controls that ability? I was quite distressed to have no cell service at all. Where I was, there was no readily available Wi-Fi. I used phone via WiFi all over Europe. …


While some of our phones are capable to run on Republic’s CDMA and GSM partner signals, at this time, Republic phones can be set up to only use one or the other based off the SIM card. Coverage in Bar Harbor looks a little lacking from the maps and the phone may have either didn’t pick up on any roaming partners or the roaming may be low signal too.


As @happywillow0 states Republic Phones use one Carrier Partner other not both at once and Republic phones will use use Roaming partner of the configured partner
Roaming can be hit or miss with either partner and their little Republic can do about roaming issue (all they can do is submit a ticket to the carrier partner, some roaming partners do not give data that Republic phones need to route calls and send text
the coverage maps look bad for both partners (though they do report some native I see the T-Mobile show native but reports roaming
GSM Partner Map || Republic GSM map

[https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp](http://CDMA partner data map) || [https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp](http://CDMA partner voice map) || [Coverage Check | Republic Wireless](http://Republic CDMA map)
|| ||


We’ve got you covered in Bar Harbor, ME
See nationwide coverage Not in Bar Harbor?

I would have been disappointed too if unable to simply make a call. Both of the RW coverage maps and the zip checker indicate members should have at least have voice roaming while outdoors. It may have been a temporary partner network issue?


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