Will my phones work with the new plans and will I have to change

I’ve been with RW for quite a spell now and pretty much been happy with everything. Now that my annual payment is coming up I started to read the displeasures from some folk. Here’s what I have, My Choice Talk & Text on two 2020 Moto G powers model XT 2041-4. My question is, Will my phones work with the new plans and how much will it cost. Am I right that the $30.00 plan covers two phone and each comes with 1 gig of data? Also I read on one of the pages that have all the phones that are compatible that our models can’t do WiFi, is this true? Would like to hear some simple answers as we are getting close to the annual payment expiring.
Thanks Much

The $30 “Only What You Need” plan covers unlimited talk and text for two lines (phones). Each line (phone) gets 1 GB of cell data. Cell data is not shared among lines. Additional cell data may be purchased for either line in 1 GB increments at $5 per GB. Additional cell data purchased is good for 30 days, which is an improvement over My Choice where added cell data expired on one’s next bill cycle date no matter when during the bill cycle it was purchased.

The 2020 Moto G Power will not have WiFi calling on a 5.0 plan. It will work on cellular for talk and text and as with any smartphone would be able to use WiFi for Internet access.

More you might want to consider:

The reason I wanted WiFi calling is because we have very poor cell service. Now what?

For 5.0, Republic is using AT&T rather than T-Mobile or Sprint for cellular coverage. Do you know if AT&T’s coverage is poor in your area?

If WiFi calling is a must for you, you have 3 options:

  1. Stick with My Choice. You may renew your annual plan or pay month-to-month.
  2. Acquire new phones supported for WiFi calling on Republic’s 5.0 plans. Any phone currently sold directly at Republic’s online store is supported for WiFi calling on Republic’s 5.0 plans.
  3. Seek service with an alternate provider that supports WiFi calling on your 2020 Moto G Power. You would want to stay away from providers using AT&T’s network and look at providers using T-Mobile’s or Verizon’s network. You would want to verify with any alternate provider you consider that they would support WiFi calling on your 2020 Moto G Power.

If I would decide to go with a different provider, are our phones unlocked

Yes, they are factory unlocked.