Will Nokia's new Android phones come to Republic?

I know that Republic tends to be pretty quiet about such things, but is there any indication as to whether Nokia’s new Android phones will be usable? Whether they’re available for purchase through Republic or simply added to the list of BYOP options is immaterial. They seem like something of a natural addition as Motorola shifts its midrange phones in a more premium direction. The Nokias seem to follow a similar philosophy to Motorola’s previous G and E models - clean design, pure Android, high value - and would fit in nicely in the segment that Motorola is leaving. They also seem to be designed with broad compatibility in mind, so adding them to the list should require minimal work on Republic’s part. Plus it’s only natural for Republic to prioritize good low-cost phones, as they’re all about getting a good smartphone experience at the lowest price. If it isn’t already in the works, is there a way to get this possibility on Republic’s radar?

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Hi @chrish.cwpynk!

As you hinted at, Republic does not comment on which phones “are in the works.” That being said, Republic is actively working on bringing more devices to it’s lineup. I am sorry we can’t give a more solid answer, but only Republic knows which phones are coming .


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Yeah that’s pretty much what I figured. I’m just hoping that they decide to include them, since it seems like an obvious win for both them and customers.

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I totally agree! I am super pumped for Nokia’s re-entry into the smartphone market and hope that Republic adds support for the phones!


I’d consider switching to Republic if I knew. I’d highly interested in Nokia’s new phones, non-smart phones included.

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I can’t wait for them to be released! The smart phone market is in need of a reboot .

as Republic is using an android based Hybrid VOIP/Cell I don’t see a non smart phone anytime soon(even an android flip phone seen in Asia still has smart phone funtions)

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