Will phone purchased from Republic work better in my zip code than 3rd party phone?


I have a MotoG4 from another seller, that works fine for me. When I went online to buy the same phone for my husband, the Republic website says third party phones won’t work in my zip code (55616). Will the phone purchased from Republic work better than the one I already own from a 3rd party? Or knowing that the third party phone does work here, is there any reason not to do it again? Thanks in advance.


There really is no reason not to use a third party phone if the T-Mobile coverage is working well for you. RW’s checker seems to pick Sprint in areas where it’s a toss-up as to which carrier works best. I use and like T-Mobile but the checker recommends Sprint where I live.

My personal preference is based more on where I travel than where I live, which might be why RW’s checker picks Sprint for me.


Hi @bethm.8aicbm

As our esteemed member @billg eluded, coverage maps do the best they can, but not always accurate in reality.

RW has a guarantee if you want to check it out for yourself…
Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help


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