Will Republic accept the new Moto G Power?

I’m thinking about upgrading my phone in the near future. I’d like to upgrade to the new Moto G Power that will come out later this month but I want to know first if Republic Wireless will even accept it under the BYOP plan. If they will, if I buy it straight from Motorola will I still need to know what Software Channel it is? Is there a way to check that before buying the phone?

Thank you for any help!

Hi @Deannasaur!

As of now, Republic does not support either of those phones. However, Republic has a history of working with Motorola, so I would fully expect for Republic to support at least the Moto G Power in the next few months.

That being said, unofficially , they are supposed to be carrying both those phones on April 16th according to media outlets (see this article from the Verge ). However, I reiterate that Republic has NOT announced a release date so it may or may not actually be released by Republic on that date (or at all for that matter).

New phone announcements will appear in the following category in case you want to keep tabs on announcements: Announcements & News - Member Community .

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi @Deannasaur

Regarding the specifics, yes, I assume it will matter which model number the phone is. If and when Republic announces support of the phone, we will be able to get you the right model number of the device that you can look for. Until then, I recommend against buying the phone :wink: .

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