Will Republic anywhere still work on the 5.0 plans?

I use Republic anywhere on the computer all the time, just want to know if it will continue to work on the new plans.


Hi @adamd.7l0vxg and welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid not. Candidly, Republic ceased active development of Anywhere in 2018 though it did provide some bug fixes after development stopped.

I’m an Anywhere holdout too, however, I have to admit to myself soon it will be time to find an alternative (the obvious choice being Messages by Google).


Bummer, I know Messages by Google exists but doesn’t that use data thru your phone to send messages when you use the computer? (ie…message goes thru app from computer to phone app then the phone sends the message). The disadvantage to this compared to Anywhere is if our phone is lost, broken, or off, right now I can still text from my computer in those scenarios and has been very helpful when I have had those issues.

Seperate note, I have posted on here before but for some reason it made me create a new account.

This is something our extremely busy Community Manager will likely need to look at. Would you be able to offer more detail about being made to create a new account.

Did you receive some type of error message? The password wouldn’t work? Something else?

Yes, Messages by Google when used on a computer via a web browser mirrors the phone’s content. You can avoid use of cell data on the phone by being certain, the phone is connected to WiFi when using Messages for web on the computer.

I’m painfully aware of those disadvantages. It’s why as I mentioned, I too am an Anywhere holdout. But, and it pains me to say so, the proverbial handwriting is on the wall. And, this would ultimately be the case 5.0 or no 5.0.

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I just signed like normal with my email and password and after that took me to a new account setup page, I closed it but it wouldn’t actually sign me in until I created a new account on the page. Not a big just weird.

Would this only be the case on the My Choice plans, avoiding the use of data when uisng messages by google, since under 5.0 plans MMS goes against data? I tend to send a bunch of photos via this method by copying and pasting to group threads. If on 5.0 plan and even if on wifi, it would still go against data?

Hi @gpagpa,

My previous answers in this thread were specifically related to using Google’s Messages for web from a computer, which mirrors the Messages by Google app on one’s phone.

I presume you are asking about text (and picture) messaging on the phone itself. Please correct my if I’m wrong about that.

Candidly, MMS (picture and group messaging) used cell data when away from WiFi on My Choice. Republic whitelisted that cell data including it in the talk & text portion of My Choice plans. Consequently, there was no use of cell data purchased for apps and Internet access on My Choice for MMS.

On 5.0, there will be no whitelisted cell data for MMS when out, about and away from WiFi and any cell data used would count against purchased cell data.

When connected to WiFi, the MMS data connection would not use cell data but one must pay attention and be certain the phone is connected to WiFi and that the particular WiFi network one is connected to is delivering Internet access.

Well, lets address both instances: When the phone is on wifi and using google messages for web, if I send a picture or group text via that method, the MMS picture or text sent would not use data even though it is mimicking the actual phone itself?

But if I was out and about and sent a picture or even a group text while NOT on wifi, that would use the data?

As long as the phone is also on WiFi, there would be no cell data use. If the phone’s WiFi connection drops putting the phone on cell, cell data would be used. Nothing’s actually getting sent from the computer using Messages for web. Messages for web is just a view of what’s happening on the phone.

Yes, though a group text that is just words wouldn’t use a significant amount of cell data.


Thank you rolandh, good to know.


I tried using messages by Google on my Moto X4 with limited success. Since I don’t have wifi at work I had radio silence from anyone else using Google messages. I turned off the “enable chat features” and restarted conversations so that I could actually receive responses without data. So… I see this as a bad solution since it starts ignoring SMS and MMS and starts using data by default.

If both you and the other side of the conversation were using Messages by Google with chat features turned on, the messages were being exchanged using RCS. RCS is, more or less, Android’s equivalent to iMessage. Like iMessage, RCS requires data (can be WiFi or cell). Republic’s proprietary technology didn’t support RCS. New Republic 5.0 plans don’t use Republic’s proprietary technology, so RCS would work if there’s a data source available.

It’s increasingly difficult to take advantage of a smartphone’s features without some cell data. One can rely on SMS if they like but RCS is the future.


I guess I don’t know why we need RCS if SMS was around for over a decade with few issues but I do understand that it is going in that direction. The major problem is that when I go to my Aunts house on weekends I just get 2G connection and the internet regularly goes out which means even if I bought data I could not text without driving half an hour away since it uses RCS without consideration of if there is data or wifi available or not.

Oh, there are lots of issues with SMS but that’s another conversation. In any event, RCS is optional, simply turn off chat features in Messages by Google:

With chat features off, Messages by Google will fall back to SMS/MMS.

All of the carriers have plans to shut down their 2G and 3G networks sometime next year. The precise dates depend on which network one is talking about. Would you mind sharing the zip code (nothing more) for this location?


Rich media, end-to-end encryption, higher quality pictures (than MMS), ability to send video, text message reactions, customer service bots…

Do we “need” any of those, probably not. But we also don’t need cell phones or mobile data. RCS is simply the next evolution of SMS/MMS. (And also Google’s effort to try and offer an iMessage like experience for Android).

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49411 but not in the town, since you don’t want anything further I won’t go too far into it but I can tell you the 3G does not actually go to the specific address on any map I have looked up, the Sprint map was the closest but did not cover the house.

Edit: I just checked T-Mobile and it looks like they may have updated coverage for 5G in the area but I remember in the past their coverage map showing coverage where the phone I had which was compatible would not get so… will have to find out whenever I feel like shelling out for a 5G phone.

true, I probably should just rely on my 2-way radio and local repeaters, unfortunately I don’t have a place for a 6m antenna to reach Indiana from here though.

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T-Mobile is aggressively rolling out 5G coverage and eventually that might help if one has a 5G capable phone. That said, Republic’s 5.0 plans use neither T-Mobile or Sprint. They use AT&T. Have you looked at AT&T’s map:


To be conservative, check the address (don’t share it in this public Internet forum) against AT&T’s prepaid coverage.

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yeah, I was just checking that one. it looks to cover the area but I learned not to trust those maps at all when I worked at RadioShack. Most of them will over sell their capabilities unfortunately. I know Verizon said they got 4G coverage there and when I went with a Verizon MVNO I did not get signal at all and had to rely on my Republic device. (By saying they had signal there I mean I looked very closely at their online map and found that the coverage was supposed to be contiguous in that area and apparently it wasn’t) Thanks for the help, at this point I’m just venting a little bit and should probably stop.