Will Republic keep up with the competition?

I just received an email from a HotSpot Data supplier that they are doubling the data and offering lower cost plans. When can we expect to see the same with RW?
Now, you can get unlimited talk & text with 3.5GB for $15, or unlimited talk & text with 30 GB for $30. Stay tuned for even more Unlimited Bundles in January.
RW has been very good for many years, but technology is moving.

Only a handful of people would know, and it seems unlikely they would disclose it in this discussion thread. I’m sure they perform competitive analysis like all the other companies.


I’ve been with Republic Wireless for almost 5 years. That’s saying a lot because I’ve switched to and from a good amount of companies.

In my perspective at this moment, I don’t think unlimited cellular data in of itself is the biggest selling point for me–especially when I have access to wifi networks at various places (like my apartment).

These are some things I’ve liked about Republic Wireless:

  1. The ever increasing phone selection and ability for BYOP
  2. Wifi + cellular/cellular + wifi handoff
  3. A very active online community
  4. The ability to also ask support directly a quesiton through the Republic app and getting quick responses.
  5. The ability to have phones that work via CDMA & GSM carriers
  6. Being able to text people via my computer, which is a feature I’ve used daily basically since the beta testing
  7. Having a bill of only around $24/mo (that’s with taxes and fees)
  8. Having the option of being able to have buy 1 year of phone service with 1gb/mo for only $200/mo (not including taxes and fees)
  9. Being with a company that’s been a pioneer in wifi calling for the last 10 years.
  10. Having excellent customer service
  11. Seeing deals like having the ability to get 2 lines of service (without data) for $25/mo
  12. Seeing Republic Wireless continue to innovate with things like Extend Home

And etc.


I agree with much of this. When I found republic, I was really looking for a smartphone that would work on wifi exclusively (and use GPS with downloaded maps). I was okay if it acted like a dumb phone when not on wifi but I absolutely did not want to pay giant monthly bills for the usage I anticipated. I knew I could really make a wifi phone work for my needs.

Republic was the nearest, perfect option for me. It still is. My user profile doesn’t demand data when I’m on cell service. It’s a nice to have. I can also buy 1gb more for $5 that one month a year when traveling and I need data. Bye, bye $100 monthly plans from the big guys

Other similar companies may include more data but my average monthly usage is only .5gb anyway. Admittedly, Republic isn’t for all user profiles but it’s absolutely heaven for heavy wifi users like my wife and me.

Oh, and I like buying my own phone and breaking the opaque, phone subsidy, pricing contacts of the big guys


Well for me 1gb of data is just as good as unlimited. I rarely use over 100mb a month with wifi being available. All the rest of the republic stuff is just gravey compared to the rest of the marketplace.


Good for you. Perhaps you could give others tips on reducing their data use.

I agree with you, but the competition is not $100 anymore, many offering more GB for less than RW.
Once a customer leaves, they probably will never return.
Better to give them a kiss before they leave than many to get a new customer to join RW.
I am not leaving yet, But I have tried a competitor for Data only which RW discontinued.

I’m not trying to reduce my data usage. I have unlimited data (1gb) for my current usage. Other people’s usage is whatever works for them. I’m getting excellent bang for my buck and don’t consider the unused data as wasted or overcharged. You are allowed to feel differently. Try out the cheap plans elsewhere and come back in 6 months or a year and let us know how your overall experience went.


I plan to remain with RW as long as they continue providing service with no fuss or hassles. One Gig of data is plenty for me, and I like the way they deal with WiFi. The once per year billing option that reduces the cost even more works great for us.

I do wish they would put a cookie or something on my browser so I wouldn’t have to log in every time I want to put a comment on this forum.


Yes, we know RW very well, but attracting new customers will be difficult.
$20 and 2Gb is common now.
When 5g is available, we can all forget about data the flow will be amazing.

I don’t know how many know what percent of their total bill is due to fees and taxes. Where I live it is 43%, and it will be, and it is only going to increase.

I suspect RW will do what is needed to keep attracting customers. In the meantime, I’m not looking for greener pastures. Since I’m retired, mostly stay at home during these times and have no need for cell data (most places I go have wi-fi), RW fits my needs perfectly.


This could very possible be true. It would seem that if republic wants to grow it’s customer base, their model may need to more broadly appeal to user profiles beyond their original, wifi-heavy users.

I wonder if there isn’t already a dichotomy within Republic users to a small degree. Many of those who were original beta members (me included) used cell data sparingly. My wife and I trained ourselves during beta to turn “data off” until it was wanted. We were data stingy. However, there are only so many users like us in the smart phone population.

We are seeing more and more of a drumbeat for more cell data on this forum as more people have joined. Either Republic is reaching more, cell data-hungry users or more of their formerly wifi-heavy users are increasing their cell data usage profile. Most likely, it’s both.

Question is, does Republic want to broaden is appeal to cover more of the population of heavy cell data users or are they content to stay on mission to wifi-heavy users. That being said, I think they will add more data as it makes sense from a cost perspective while maintaining their value proposition. But that’s merely opinion.

Good to hear! I am sure some people are happy with their horses, no need for a car.

Thank you for your input.
The thought came as I have been traveling and using Waze and Gas Buddy.
They tend to use data at a high rate.
It is not possible to use my wifi.

These days it’s more like car and airplane;-)

They really shouldn’t. I drove about 2,400 miles last month with Waze on every single minute of those trips. I also use Gas Buddy to find gas stations with good prices, although not every time. I just looked and last month Waze used 162MB and Gas Buddy 53.03MB. That’s really not that much.


My only wish is that Republic would offer “TV”!! The typical vendors are very close relatives of the other cellular providers that have collaborated over the years resulting in exorbitant pricing and “contracts” etc. which is a business model whose time passed decades ago!

I extend my compliments and appreciation to Republic. Best wishes for 2021.

For an independent company like Republic that would be quite literally impossible. The reason the TV providers are huge media companies or companies like Google is because the TV market requires companies to negotiate with dozens of huge media companies, local station holders, etc. It’s a business that really only companies with billions and billions in revenue can afford to be in a meaningful way.

Understood, just a “wish list” item and a recognition of Republic’s forward thinking business model!. However the disrupters are never seen until…



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