Will Republic Offer the Moto Z Play 4

Would like to get the Z4 or Z play 4 and wanted to see if you had plans to sell the device if it is released or offer to support it on the byop plan. I am aware it is not out yet of been officially announced.

Republic does not comment on phones it may or may not support untill they ready to die so [usually only a week or two before are supported]

That said Republic has supported the 1st Moto Z and all 3 gens of the Moto Z play, so I would expect the Moto Z4 play would be at least supported and the Moto Z4 would depend on exclusively (the Moto Z Force, Moto Z2 Force, and Moto Z3 where all Verizon exclusives) (it could also happen with Z4 Play and is one of the reasons Republic will not comment until all ready for the phone to work)


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If I got a MotoZ4 direct from Motorola, can I put my RW MotoZ3 SIM card in it?

Maybe. On the Z3 open the Republic App, click the gear at the top and the About. What does it say there for “SIM Type”.

SIM Type is: GSM

Then you can indeed move it to the new phone. Just be sure to install and open the Republic App to complete the transition.

Thank you!

Any ideas if/when RW will carry the Moto Z4?

There is no information as to whether they will choose to add it to their store or not. Right now it is BYOP only and all the current information is that there’s no change coming to that.

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