Will Republic phone work in Europe if unlocked and sim card installed?


Will Republic phone work for in-country calls in Europe if unlocked and European country sim card installed?

Using the Alcatel A30 (A576RW) in Europe with a local SIM

Hi @clarkl.l0ldyr

It’s always helpful to mention which phone you are inquiring about.

Here is some excellent information on using your device when travelling outside of the Country.

International Travel with a Republic Phone
Let us know if you have any questions.


Legacy phones [1st gen Moto X, G, E, 2nd gen Moto X, E, and 3rd gen Moto G] can’t use an local international SIM due to their custom ROM.
All 3.0 phones are unmodified and can be used on any provider willing to activate it.


I think it’s solved here.