Will Republic unlock my phone after Sprint is gone?

I have one Moto G6 Play (2021) that I bought for my wife just last year. The only service that we have with Replublic is with Sprint. Since Sprint CDMA is going away in June will Republic unlock my wife’s phone so we can go to another provider?


Hi @unioncreek,

Your Moto G6 is unlocked. (My Choice Plan phones are all unlocked).

You might give Republic’s new service a try (It has a 30 day refund policy).
It comes with AT&T service so depending on your area it could be a good fit.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Sprint and Verizon are the only cell carriers that will work where I live, too many hills. Towers are spaced about every 9 miles. I had AT&T at one time and it have very limited service.


Does the Moto G6 Play operate on both GSM and CDMA? I might give it a try and see how it works. Has the new service already started?

Hi Bob,

You might want to take a look at the linked topic that discusses some alternate providers including those using the Verizon network. Who else do you recommend, if not Republic? - #58 by PlaneTherapist

I’ll probably try the new service on my wife’s phone. But, I think I’ll need to buy a new phone for myself, it’s CDMA only and is probable 4 or maybe even 5 years old.


It does, but since the arrival of the new plans, you are not able to change to the GSM SIM.

Yes it has:

Please note that there are current issues moving from a My Choice plan to one of the new plans: Republic Wireless Status

That sounds like you might have one of the old 1.0/2.0 plan phones. :thinking:

Are you saying that my wife’s Moto G6 Play (2021) will not work with the new service? Or my older Moto G6 Play not work?


Hi @unioncreek,

@SuperT was supposing, based on your statement that your phone was CDMA-only, that you have one of our earlier generation phones.

The Moto G6 Play and the Moto G Play 2021 are capable of both GSM and CDMA coverage. The Moto G6 Play is not specifically listed as being certified by our new network carrier, but you are welcome to try it. We no longer limit activation to only certified phones, instead, we let you decide if you think the phone is a good fit.

Thanks for the response. I figured my wife’s phone was new enough to work with the new plans. My phone is starting to have issues and I should buy one.