Will Republic Wireless disable 5G on the Moto One 5G?

I’ve read some are having issues with Moto One 5G on other carriers because they report 5G cannot be disabled. The specific complaint was that if 4G was faster in the area, 5G could not be disabled to get faster service on 4G. I’m not as concerned about this, but if there are going to be problems running a 5G phone on a 4G Republic Wireless network, I may want to choose a different phone.

I am trying to decide between the Moto One 5G and the Pixel 4a.

Let me see if I can address this:

  1. “Will Republic Wireless disable 5G on the Moto One 5G?” No. Republic doesn’t modify, disable or control the physical phone, what’s turned on, or its capabilities.

I don’t have this specific 5G phone but I haven’t found it necessary to do anything with 5G on my Note 20 5G. Most phones though will allow you to go to Settings – Connections – Mobile networks – Network mode (or Settings – Network & Internet – Mobile Networks – Network Mode) and turn off 5G there. I can’t say whether this is possible on the Moto One Ace 5G or if somehow Moto disabled this.

If the phone has a GSM SIM in it it is running on T-Mobile’s network which has lots of 5G coverage. My Republic Note 20 on the GSM SIM is basically on 5G 90% of the time. With a CDMA SIM the phone won’t have access to a 5G network so it’ll always be back on 4G.

I wouldn’t let this specific concern play a roll in the decision if I was the one making the decision.


Thank you so much for this information. Very helpful! Thanks again.


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