Will Republic wireless ever support the fair phone 3+

A phone that can be repaired is a very attractive option. I especially liked how they have come up with the new camera and the end user can upgrade their own phone.
I would love to make the fairphone my next and last phone I buy in the next 10 years

From the Fairphone FAQ:

Currently, we only sell and ship Fairphone products to countries within the EEA and Switzerland. As an organization based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we currently focus our sales efforts in Europe. At the same time, we are researching the market and logistic possibilities to sell outside of Europe. You can find our full list of countries where we sell and ship to.

It does make me chuckle a bit to think about a Fairphone 3. I mean if it’s so modular and upgradeable, shouldn’t they still be on Fairphone 1?

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Yes I’d seen the FAQ and I know their sales and support focus is the EU. However, that shouldn’t stop Republic wireless from being the first US source for this phone. My gut feeling is that culturally Republic wireless is more in line with Fairphone versus Verizon or T-Mobile.

Also I don’t expect Republic to disclose their internal discussions but it would be nice if it was something they were thinking about and going to make happen the next month or two. That case, I would hold off buying a new phone and wait for the fair phone because I hate buying a new phone any more often than every four or five years. Seems like such a waste.

Remember that a phone would first have to be approved by the FCC, then the carriers (in Republic case, T-Mobile & Sprint) then Republic itself before it could be offered.

There are excellent reasons Republic should not attempt to add the Fairphone 3 to its roster of compatible phones. Specifically, the hardware supports only one of Republic’s two cellular network partners. Further, it only supports 2 of the 5 LTE Bands (cellular radio frequencies) used by the Republic cellular network partner it would work with. As currently designed, the hardware would cripple the phone in the U.S. in terms of cellular network coverage.


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