Will resetting my old phone delete my app data, passwords, etc. so it won't be available on my new one?

So I’m resetting my Moto X to sell it after transferring my data and number to a Moto G5. The RW instructions say to turn off “back up my data” before doing the factory reset. BUT when I begin to turn off the “back up my data” it asks "Stop backing up…plus erase all copies on Google servers?*. If I say OK it implies I won’t have access to any of that info from my new phone with the same number and email account.
So is that just poorly worded or will my data, settings, etc. be gone?

Hi @robbw.lorwuo,

If you leave the switch set to "yes’ it will not restore your information to that phone unless someone signs in with the same Google Credentials. That step is there because, when we are troubleshooting a phone to determine whether an issue is hardware or software-related, we need to test the phone without all the info restored. It is not a necessary step if the next owner will not have your Google credentials.

My understanding is that if you flip the switch to “off” it deletes the backup version associated with that device. If you’ve already set up your next phone, the data will not be wiped from that 2nd phone, nor will it be wiped from the backups already associated with that 2nd phone.

If you leave it set to “on,” then later you set up a future third phone and use the “restore” option, you would be presented the option to restore to this first phone or your new (2nd) phone. If you turn it “off” on this first phone, then when you set up a future third phone, the backed up info from this first phone will not be available, you’d only see the option to restore from the second phone.

I hope that makes sense!

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I see what you’re saying. But I was thinking that and data is associated with a google email address (and my phone number), not a physical phone.
In other words how does google know which paritcular phone that info is associated with?
Regardless, RW says to turn off the backup option, so that’s what I’ll do.

They tag the backup with the device ID. I’ve set up new phones by restoring from old phones, and I’m offered the option to restore the data from all those old phones in my history.

Again, this is only vital if you’re troubleshooting an issue and we need to determine whether it’s a software conflict (coming back with all that backed-up data) or a hardware failure (the issue persists when all that data is removed from the phone.)

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