Will restricting background data for the Republic Wireless app cause issues

The RW app is using more battery via background processes than it has in the past. Will restricting background data for the app break any necessary functionality?

Not sure of which phone you have or how your determining background data usage?

  • Here is what I find on my Moto X4
    • Under Settings/ Battery / Usage Details/ Republic Wireless
      • On the screen where I could Uninstall the App or Force Stop
        • Under Manage battery usage, it states " Background restrictions ‘Background usage can’t be restricted’
          • I would expect this is on purpose, however only a Republic employee could provide a definitive response to your question

ETA: here is a link to:How to Restrict App Background Data on Motorola Phones Running Pie – Republic Help
This has the following note: We recommend allowing unrestricted data access for the Republic Wireless app.

In a word, yes. The Republic App is part of what makes calling and texting work.

Hi @wesleyp.jgvmti,

Our developers would like to better understand this increased background process activity you are seeing and have asked if you would submit device logs. The process to do so is very simple and I have opened a Help Ticket on your behalf to request those logs. Please let me know if you do not see my message from the Help Center.

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