Will RW compensate me for lost business with a phone voucher?


I’ve requested a response to this question in ticket 1209687, but have received no reply.

Here’s the short version:

Republic’s service works half the time at best. This has cost me unknowable amounts of business over the past several months. The customer service I’ve encountered since discovering this problem has been so sloppy (my service was almost cancelled this well WHILE THE TICKET REMAINS OPEN) that I can’t trust the company moving forward.

I demand a $500 voucher that I can use on glyde.com, or a similar service, because I need a new phone.

What is your company’s response?



You’ve posted to a public forum of other customers. Reach out to help@republicwireless.com for a response from the company.



Can you tell us what model your current phone is? If it’s one of the new 3.0 phones, those are all unlocked and can be taken to any other carrier that accepts that model.



Hi @benjaminm.qs28qz,

Your ticket has the attention of management, and will be the best place to continue that conversation. Your patience in that ticket has been, and will continue to be, appreciated.



Your management last contacted me almost 24 hours ago. I don’t like posting where the rest of your “Community” sees my business, but I think my situation merits a response within at most a few hours, and not a day or two, as has been the case in the past.

My service was almost canceled before I posted here and got your personal attention, Southpaw, so I hope you understand my reaching out again in this forum to address this matter.

I have a yes/no question. We can talk numbers as appropriate, but will I get any concrete compensation from Republic Wireless? It doesn’t have to be a vendor-specific voucher, but some gesture to help me replace my phone is appropriate.



When I last checked in on your ticket, the person you are working with had been entirely tied up in meetings today, but was typing a reply to you as I spoke to him. Please continue your conversation with him in the ticket.

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Hi @benjaminm.qs28qz
I am a mere humble consumer just like you. My words to you are my own & I am not speaking for RW. If I were to run a business again I wouldn’t trust just wireless to be my business phone system. I would have a backup like internet calling from a cable company or something of the sort. With all the possible business lost it would have paid for itself in the long run. Just my opinion and I hope maybe trusting in a second phone system or company would serve your business in a more profitable way.

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