Will RW support Pixel 3a?


I’ve been looking to upgrade my MotoG5+ and today’s Google I/O confirmed the release of a mid-budget Pixel 3a. Will Republic Wireless be supporting this device? Hoping RW will since it’s supported all prior Pixel devices :slight_smile:

Google Pixel 3a Compatibility

Hope so too.
I think it would be a great phone for my mother to upgrade her Moto E4.

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I’ve been waiting for the 3a since it leaked, hopefully Republic will announce support very soon, I might need to look into Fi otherwise…


It would make sense if they did. They supported the Pixel line, and this is a budget friendly version. Just FYI, the Pixel 3 was announced Oct 9 and RW announced their support on Oct 18. It may take a few days, if not more, before they announce that they will support it, assuming they do.


I hope so, too! I’ve been looking at replacing my Moto X Pure Edition, and this looks perfect for my needs and price point.


I am really disappointed they did not do front facing stereo speakers though.
Most of the leaks on the 3a said it did have that, something that is very nice to have.
But i guess they did not do that just to gain a tad bit more screen size.
Headphone jack is certainly a good thing and want for many though.
it is a tad bit bigger physically than the flagship P3 though.


I’m also looking to replace my G5+ with a pixel 3a. Since Republic was right on top of adding the OG Pixel 3, I’m going to preorder a 3a and hope for the best.


Hey all… The current answer is that there is no answer. Republic has historically supported all the Pixels and I have no reason to believe the 3a will be different, but until the announcement is made…


Rocking in anticipation in my chair. Would love to upgrade to that camera…


Also waiting for official announcement but hoping it comes in time for the Google store promotion going on right now too.


I will upgrade to the Pixel 3a if they support it. I am still nursing my Nexus 6p by Huawei with it’s known battery issues. Replaced the battery twice now. Lasts about a year each time.


I intended to post that very question today! It looks like a great phone, although like SpeedingCheetah, I would have preferred the front firing stereo speakers. The Nexus 6P I’m looking to replace has them and the difference in experience is enormous!


Apparently the 3a uses the upper speaker for the second stereo channel.



Once initial demand dies down a bit, Google will likely have a limited time discount sale on this phone (it’s happened with most of the other Pixels). By that time you’ll know if Republic Wireless will support it, and you can get a better price on the phone.

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Would be really cool if Republic could support the E-SIM in the newer Pixels.
But not sure if that is even technically possible.


not an expert on What Republic needs to to to it’s SIM but seeing how the Underlying number gets bonded to the Republic number for the SIM I would think the e-SIM may not be easy to support


I think eSIM support would be technically possible, however, would require cooperation from the manufacturer (Google) and Republic’s cellular partners.

Perhaps, it’s changed with the Pixel 3s but, to date, the Pixel’s eSIM support has been limited to Fi. Likewise, support for eSIM on Apple’s newer iPhones is limited. I don’t believe there’s an MVNO (other than Fi) currently supporting eSIM on either Pixels or iPhones.

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Will it be possible to activate a Google Pixel 3a under the BYOP program in the near future?


Hi @timtabor and welcome to the Community.

The candid answer is we don’t know and Republic is not yet saying.

The best way to keep up with future announcements is keeping an eye on Republic’s Community forums right here: Announcements & News - Member Community.


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