Will RW support Pixel 3a?

Hi @ritar33, @benw.sschtk, @amandas.2rmuar, @Mr.B29, @darrenw.zpbdef, @yeojunc, @dustins.48cf0g, @drhtpc, and @timtabor - as @drm186 pointed out, I’m working some extra hours to make sure to get the announcement out as quickly as possible! Although our main website may not be updated for a few days, I wanted you to know that yes, we are supporting the Pixel 3a and 3a XL for BYOP.

@yeojunc, is the promo still live?


Thank you! Yes, the promo is still live! It will be until May 18th. Fine print is on the Google store if anyone else is interested.


Wahoo!! Thank you for working the extra hours, @southpaw! Super excited about this news and the Annual Prepaid plan!


Nice. I am ordering right now. Will I need to get another sim from republic or can I just transfer the one I have in my Nexus 6p over to this new phone?

On your Nexus, open the Republic App, click the gear at the top and then About. If under SIM Type it says GSM, then you can move the SIM. If it says CDMA, you’ll need a new SIM AND you’ll have different coverage (using T-Mobile instead of Sprint) that you should verify before committing to moving to the new phone.


Fantastic News! My new phone is arriving Saturday. The only real shortcoming with Republic Wireless is the lack choice among midrange phones, so the Pixel 3a and XL models are a very welcome addition to the BYOD lineup. If anyone has not seen yet, B&H Photo is offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of a new pixel 3a model, and no sales tax outside the state of New York.

Not true for all anymore most states have made deals to force sales tax (which was allowed to happen after a supreme court decision early last year (Michigan residents had to start pay B&H taxes back around Halloween last year)
B&H did just introduced a credit card that reward was to refund sales tax when used at B&H but that not the same as no sales tax

Good Catch, Drm186. Looks like B&H now collects tax in 23 states, which are AL, CA, CO, CT, HI, IL, IN, KY, MD, ME, MI, MN, MS, NC, ND, NJ, NY OK, SC, SD, VT, WA and WI. So it appears that MOST states still do not charge online states tax on businesses that lack a physical presence.

So glad to hear it will be supported!

Best Buy is also offering a $100 gift card with purchase of these models.

Does Republic Wireless support CDMA (sprint) on the Pixel 3A or currently only GSM

Currently only GSM but CDMA is expect at some point.

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