Will SD card improve app performance in Moto G4

I play a lot of Pokemon Go. When I open another app, such as Discord or Messenger, the game often restarts when I go back to it. Would an SD card, formatted for internal use, keep that from happening. If not, would it improve any other aspect of performance? (I’d get a fast one.) Thanks.

External SD card is to expand internal storage space, not speed or performance.
The built in storage is actually the fastest over a micro sd card.
However, if ones internal storage is full, then the phone will crawl to a hault, then expanding storage space woudl help.

Apps closing out when u open others has nothing to do with storage space.
That has to do with Memory (RAM) management and battery savings.
Your phone does not have a enough memory to keep so many apps open at all time.
There is no way to expand internal RAM memory.
Only option is to buy a device with more RAM. (4GB+)
Games take up loads of RAM.

Your Moto G4 is a midrange device that is 3.5 years old a model now.
Your are probably seeing the best performance u can get out of that model, considering its age.
If anything, it will need a battery replacement if not done already.

One thing that cold help restore a bit of performance to old devices, is a Factory Reset, to start fresh.

Thank you so much for the thorough and informative answer. I did a lot of searching online and wasn’t able to come up with anything this clear or definitive. I truly appreciate that you took the time to do this.
I actually was about to buy a Moto G7, but as I looked at reviews I saw a lot of people talking about problems with it dropping wifi.

I can’t speak towards newer gen Moto phones, the only Moto phone in my family is an old E4 that my mother uses with no issues. I have heard more complaints and issues with more modern Moto phones, quality control with Moto may have gone down hill, in my opinion.

I stick to the Google Pixel line. My Pixel 3 is king. But expensive.
The 3a is on sale for the holiday, best phone you can buy for the price.

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Thanks, again. I appreciate your time and knowledge.

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