Will sim card from Moto 2nd gen transfer to LG Stylo 5?

Title says it all , really… I would hate to face the prospect of getting in touch with every blasted person and company who has my current number to give them a new number.

Unfortunately, this problem did not occur to me until today, days after I purchased the new phone…

If you bought your Stylo 5 from Republic Wireless it will come with a new SIM card that you will need to use (your old SIM card is not compatible with the new phone). You will keep your old number by activating your new phone as a replacement.

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If you didn’t order the phone from Republic, you’ll need a new SIM card, but the same guidance about moving your phone number to the new phone during activation applies. Your phone number is not permanently affixed to any particular SIM card.

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Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I bought the LG Stylo from Republic, giving no thought at all to sim cards, numbers etc. I suppose I am a sort of dinosaur from another age in regard to cell phones… I never had one until semi recently, since I dislike talking on the phone anyway. I will look into transferring my current number once the phone arrives.


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