Will the Freedom Phone work with RW

Will the Freedom Phone work with RW if I put my current SIMM in it?

Here’s the list of supported phones.

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Hi @Obie,

@ceedee has provided the accurate list of Republic compatible phones. The direct answer to your question regarding the Freedom Phone is no.


Next logical question: Is there any plan to? I will be switching regardless.

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Hi @trogdortheadministra and welcome to the Community!

Candidly, we don’t know and, historically, Republic has not announced potential additions to its’ roster of supported phones. If/when, Republic is ready to announce further additions to its’ roster, the announcement would be made here: Announcements & News - Member Community.

I just looked at the phone specs. Never say never…but this phone appears to have a few “non-standard” features, such as the OS. If you look at the phones that RW currently supports, they tend to be “mainstream” Android-based products. Just an observation.

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Thank you for your candidness.


For anyone considering the Freedom Phone; I would point out, according to their website, the phone does not ship until sometime in August. I’d further point out, they’re asking $499 for a phone for which no hardware specs are disclosed. At least, I see none on their website.


Sounds like a scam* designed to separate people from their money without delivering much of anything. There are a lot of vaporware phones promising the highly improbable.

*It looks like a generic Chinese knockoff phone with a different app store (which you could go ahead and load on any other Android phone).

Edit: Erik Finman is behind Freedom Phone he’s the self-proclaimed youngest bitcoin millionaire.


Is there something specific that appeals to you in the Freedom Phone? We might be able to help you accomplish it without spending any money on a new phone. Just holler and we’ll try to help.


The most important thing to me is an app store that doesn’t censor. Besides that, the fact that the phone is not associated in any way with Google means my activity is not tracked and monitized.



Your phone is designed to be used with a Google account and Google’s associated apps. That being said, you can get by without those things, although I don’t personally recommend it.

There are plenty of different third party app stores. Android Authority has a write up on 10 of them at the link below (Do you lose the advantage of having Play Protect helping to keep these apps safe? Yes). It’s important to note that the only supported way of getting the latest Republic Wireless app updates is through Google Play (although several of the third party app stores also have the Republic Wireless app available). Another option is to not use any app store at all and simply download and install the APK file for whichever app you wish to install:

You can run an Android phone without a Google account. It’s pretty inconvenient, but it can be done. Your activity may still be tracked and monetized by cellular carriers and many others, however. Below is a basic guide on using Android without a Google account.

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I also am sick and tired of Google running my life and knowing everything about me. We all have a right to privacy. The Freedom Phone runs on the Freedom OS which is a Linux derivative (as is Android). With Freedom OS all of the tracking and software bloat are removed. To me that is a HUGE plus. Why should I surrender all of my data just for the privilege of communicating with others? Human communication is a right, not of privilege ordained by Google.

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Thank you for this information. I will look into it.

BTW, this message is appearing with your replies:

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Obviously the Freedom Phone is brand new and hot off the press so details are slow to catch up with the Internet buzz. Let’s be patient and see what unfolds regarding the details of this phone and the associated Freedom OS.

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Actually, I believe it just runs a customized version of AOSP (the open source operating system for mobile devices and a corresponding open source project led by Google).

Edit: Oof, this gets confusing. There are two different companies with a product called a Freedom Phone. One uses well known phones loaded with GrapheneOS, and one linked by the OP that uses…something. In either case, none of them are currently compatible with Republic Wireless.

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No disagreement on that. All I intended to convey is I am not willing to send anyone $500 without knowing precisely what I would be paying for.

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I am in complete agreement with you rolandh ! As a matter of fact, yesterday I emailed the developers requesting full details on the phone specs and have not received an answer yet. If I do, I will let you know.

Hi @trogdortheadministra,

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The internet is currently awash in “freedom” scams. Indigogo has everything from an Android TV Box that promises an “Intergalactic Virtual Network” that will allow you “unlimited access to whatever content you want.” And promises that it’ll get you around the “censorship of mainstream media.” There’s also all the “Quantum Internet” scams to get you around the censorship of “mainstream social media”. And so on.

Lots of anger out there right now and people will plunk down money to satiate it, and often end up getting scammed. Designing a phone and phone OS from the ground up takes years and hundreds of millions. Many giant companies, like Microsoft, have failed. The only way this gets to market in the promised time frame is buy buying cheap phones from China, rebranding them, using AOSP with a 3rd party app store and throwing the phone out there.

Just wait until folks realize that means that their banking apps, cash transfer apps, secure messaging apps, insurance apps, etc won’t work because they rely on either Apple’s or Google’s frameworks for certification and without that, you can load the app, but it won’t work. It’ll be an awesome $499 flip phone with a screen to dial from.

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