Will the Freedom Phone work with RW

If it’s made in China, I wouldn’t trust it to be any better (spy-free) than any other phone.

I can understand wanting to get away from Google. However, keep in mind you will always be tracked by someone–no matter how hard you try. If you are doing anything online, you’re going to be tracked. It’s just the nature of the world we live in.


If not Google, then Apple. If not Apple, your wireless provider. If not, your wireless provider, your wireline ISP, etc.


And the nature of cellular technology. The government has strict requirements on how long carriers have to retain things from location data, to tower connection data, to network logs, to IP assignment data and on and on and on.


There appears to be some doubt among the tech community as to whether this is a scam or not. See the article on PCMag:


Ars Technica also reported on this phone.


I think the title says it all. Will the new Freedom phone work on Republic wireless? The site says its compatible with Sprint.

@debd.8192ua Welcome to the Republic Community. I’ve moved your post to an exsiting thread on this topic. Simple answer no it will not. More complicated answer, you may want to look further in to this phone as it appears not to be at all what it claims to be.


I just checked back to the Freedom Phone site and they now list technical specifications; kind of.

For processor, they do not list manufacturer or model. Only that it is 1.8 Ghz and 8 cores. If this was the latest and greatest, I bet they would list that.

For Display type, they list “Waterdrop”. I’m pretty sure this is a design consideration and not a Display type.

If I look at a phone that Republic currently sells that has similar storage, the Samsung A32 5G has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, just like the Freedom phone.

The cameras on the A32 have significantly higher resolution:
A32: 48MP+8MP+5MP+2MP (rear facing) 13MP (front facing)
FF: 13+2+2MP (rear facing), 8MP (front facing)

The A32 has 2 front-facing microphone, the FF has 1.

The FF does not list sensors.
The A32 lists :
Virtual Light
Virtual Proximity

The 32A lists a 5000 mAh battery, the FF does not list the battery capacity.
The A32 supports 5G the FF does not.

The Samsung 32A is a more capable phone but only costs $279 while the Freedom Phone is $499.99

I can understand buying an underpowered phone for more money if that phone provides something you really want. I bought our first RW phones, two Defy XT’s, back in the olden times because I really needed a phone that would call and text over WiFi. I knew at the time of purchase that these were lower-end phones with a higher-end price but getting out of my Verizon service saved me so much money. The phones were paid for in a little over a year plus I actually had, and still have, voice and text service in my rural home because I have WiFi.

If Freedom phone’s claims are attractive to you, please be aware that they are not being completely transparent about the specs of their phones. Once you receive the phone and open it, you will not be able to return it.

"### Q: What is the return policy if you don’t like it?

A: Customers may return their Freedom Phone unopened within 30 days of purchase. If the device is already opened, we do not offer returns at this time."

Source: https://freedomphone.com/faq/

Also, the warranty is only 90 days when the industry standard is 12 months. - same source.


Yeah. This phone is a straight up scam targeted to seniors and people who aren’t familiar with technology.

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I personally am interested in this phone. Some apps that are banned on other platforms is one consideration. As a retired Systems Analyst, I am intrigued with new platforms, and anytime I hear a lot of negative reports, the more I want to know about it. Why is it so triggering for some folks, is one thing that comes to mind. I will be researching this phone more, as an early adopter of Republic Wireless, it itself is a rebel in a sea of providers, a rebel phone against Google & Apple is intriguing.

I just hate to see consumers taken for a ride. The phone appears to be a Umidigi A9 Pro with an AOSP build (Android Open Source). You can buy a Umidigi A9 Pro for ~$180 (it’s not a great phone and doesn’t support all of the T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon 4G LTE frequencies). You can load it up with AOSP for free if you want. As far as “banned apps,” you’re free to download an APK file and install whatever you want, even on stock Android. The people promoting this phone get $50 for each phone purchased through their referral link. That’s an extremely generous referral fee.


For what it’s worth, the only banned app pictured on the Freedom Phone’s website is Parler and it is only banned in Google’s Play Store. Parler is back in Apple’s App Store and was long before the Freedom Phone emerged. Parler’s Android app is available for download from Parler’s website directly.

DuckDuckGo, Newsmax, OANN and Rumble are available in both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

There’s nothing at all wrong with the concept of a privacy oriented phone, however, in this case, the folks selling the Freedom Phone appear to be less than transparent in their marketing.


I can understand and appreciate your approach, but, quite honestly, in this case it’s foolish. It’s a rebranded Chinese phone. The founder confirmed this when he disclosed the manufacturer. He didn’t create this phone (e.g. made or designed in the USA). He bought it from a Chinese company and then he installed some custom apps and software on it. If this phone is coming from a Chinese company, you can kiss goodbye to any sense of “freedom”.

Oh, also, you probably won’t be able to get support for it, so of it breaks on you, you’re out (unless your able to file a CC complaint and win). It also only has a 90 day warranty IIRC.

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Don’t make me quote P.T. Barnum! :grinning:

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Except he didn’t even do that. There’s nothing on this phone that one can’t put on any Android phone. Paying $500 for a $130 phone because Parler is pre-downloaded is, well…

OMG, this just keeps getting better:


  • 720P screen
  • Wifi 5
  • Missing a number of important LTE Bands, most notably B66 & B71 which will result in miserable coverage.
  • For 5G it says: “initially not included”. Which is hysterical and yet more proof of the scam. I’m sure their 4 year old Chinese processor will be upgraded to magically support 5G, and the needed antennas will grow in, with time.
    *No Quickcharge
    *No Wireless Charge

Yep, a $99 phone being sold for $499. And if the website claims are to be believed, in large quantites. And the grift goes on.


Sow’s ear being sold as a silk purse.

Man… What a scam…

To people that are still thinking about getting this: you have been warned by many here. If you ignore the warnings from people that are likely much more knowledgeable about technology, you’lll be out $499, and you’ll have to live with the consequences of that. We certainly don’t want you to get ripped off, but, ultimately, it’s your choice to heed the warning signs or not.

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