Will the Huawei Ascend get the upgraded EMUI 5.0?


I love my Ascend, but am always looking for the latest and greatest, I know there is the 5.0 version of the EMUI and wonder if it will be available for the Ascend. One complaint is the lack of space on this phone, if there is the newest EMUI, then it should optimize the phone as the time goes on and we add more apps. I have put as many apps on my SD card as I can, but can still only have 6GB free space. I just figure if we are going to have to sacrifice 8-10GB of our phones memory for the EMUI, it should be for the newest version. Perhaps no one has an exact answer, but can offer some more tips and tricks to optimizing the phone. Thanks!



Hi @jonathang.huso8x

It seems like we didn’t get to your question when you posted it but better late than never at all I guess. I did a bit of a search around and weirdly could not find any support articles outside of Republic Wireless for the Ascend 5w model H1623. Also weird was I had trouble finding mention of this phone in regards outside of Republic. It lookes like a budget model that Huawei put out for Republic Wireless.

That said, because of the situation what I think I see, I can explain it in a more generalized sense.
Normally, a manufacturer will set aside some time and expense to maintain support on phones. If there is active support, that means there are people working on it and keeping it updated. If there is no longer support or information listed, it is normally a outdated device that they decided not to keep up with.

This means that there is most likely no longer anyone officially at Huawei putting together new software to work with the exact hardware configuration that the phone was built on.

Since the phone is yours and should be unlocked, you can try to manually load updated software onto it but it may not work in general or it may not be supported by Republic since they have a “certified” list of phones and software builds they have tested to ensure that wifi calling actually works.

Cheaper phones are nice but normally not supported for too long after they get put out which is one draw back.

My biggest tip for whoever reads this (and if it able to post) is to backup all your files and whipe the phone clean. At that point, you can decide what you really need to put back on the phone and slowly build back up seeing what you really need and what you don’t need on the phone on for day to day use.


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