Will the Huawei Ascend XT2 be supported


The specs on the Huawei Ascend XT2 look very similar to the Ascend 5W. Is this a matter of recognizing the IMEI or is development involved?

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It will not be supported or included in the list of RW compatible phones.



Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Could you share your source for this information, please?


Hi @waldo3

It is hard, if not impossible, to predict which phones RW will support. Why they would select one over another is not something the Community could likely answer.

That said, since RW is not in the custom ROM business anymore, it makes it easier to add unlocked phones.


This link has a detailed side by side comparison of the two devices.

As you can see, the specs are almost identical. Perhaps most importantly the GSM LTE bands for the XT2 are even better:
Huawei Ascend XT2 GSM 4G Bands LTE700.LTE2600.LTE850,LTE1700.LTE1900
Huawei Ascend 5W GSM 4G Bands LTE700.LTE2600,LTE1700.LTE1900

This is probably because it is a newer phone: XT2 Oct2017 release date versus 5W Dec 2016
Huawei possibly intended the XT2 to be a cheaper phone with a Qualcomm 435 processor vs the 5W Qualcomm 615 However they both have the Adreno 505 GPU
The XT2 also has a larger battery at 4000 mAh vs the 5W 3000 mAH and ships with Android7 vs Android6. I don’t know what Huawei’s history is on updating the OS

My previous experience with a relatively new T-Mobile phone was when I had to switch from AT&T due to poor reception. I bought bought a Motorola 5G plus which was a new model at the time. Initially it was not recognized by T-mobile during setup, but I was subsequently told that was a recognized model but not yet approved for Band 12 VOLTE. The rep said to try again and it worked. As a new Republic subscriber I understand that all eligible phones are VOLTE.

Bottom line: The XT2 seems to be only an IMEI model number away from working on Republic - no development involved - unless there is some other spec factor I am overlooking


The Huawei Ascend XT2 uses the EMUI user interface, which is what the Ascend 5w used. There was a bit of an issue with the phone dialer packaged with the Ascend 5w when used with Republic Wireless. Don’t know that this would still be an issue, but there are always others issues that could crop up (software library, API). You’ll know if it’s compatible at the same time we all will. When and if Republic Wireless announces it.


I think your over looking some things
as a Hybrid WiFi first with Cell backup Republic needs to verify the phone will work on Republic (which needs a US/North American Factory Unlock version (Republic does not take international/carrier version of any phone)

this is not correct, Republic WiFi part uses VOIP though it’s partner Bandwidth, when the phone is off WiFi the Republic forwards the call though the Cell partners (T-Mobile or Sprint) voice network (which may be VoLTE in areas where VoLTE is the only option of the underlying carrier which is not every where yet)

With republic and the Huawei Ascend 5W it’s bad (never been an update even with a major bug in the dialer that @cbwahlstrom states (this puts a sour note in my mouth)

I personally don’t like to see phones only supporting 1 of the 2 carriers Republic works with as it limits option (a GSM phone does not work for me as there is no coverage at my work)

Huawei also having issues getting US carriers to offer it’s phones as the US Government does like it’s close ties to the Chinese government (why they are not warring about other Chinese OEMs like Lenovo I do not know)


Fair enough, however, there are far more GSM only phones available in the market than phones hardware compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks. The historical reality is GSM technology has always supported the concept of factory unlocked phones. With CDMA, it’s a bolted on afterthought.


I did say it a personal issue and seeing how I don’t approve Republic phones it’s a non issue :clown_face: