Will the Moto E6 be back in stock soon?

I had the Moto E6 in my cart yesterday at $99. When I tried to check out I found that it was out of stock.

Another question: The person I’m buying it for wants a phone that fits in a shirt pocket? Will this phone likely fit?

Hi @annie,

Sorry the phone went out of stock while you were shopping!

This time of year with additional demand on our suppliers, we’re not able to say with certainty when a phone will be back in stock.

The current anticipated date for it to be back in stock is 12/10. Our shipment has already been delayed once, and there’s a chance further delays could happen, but this is what we have targeted at this time.

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Hi @annie,

I’m just another RW customer and can’t address the question about when the E6 might be back in stock. Update - see @southpaw addressed the in stock question in post above.

Can help with the size - the physical size (and lots of other info) is available here:

tl:dr -

Height: 149.71 mm (5.89 in)
Width: 71.5 mm (2.81 in)
Depth: 8.49 mm (0.33 in)

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In addition of the specific size that @freddyp provided, a fellow Community Member has provided a Tips & Tricks that provides size and other key specs on on all the phones sold or supported by Republic. Very useful when trying to determine what you want to purchase


Man, I must have been lucky. I bought a Moto e6 just last week, received it yesterday.

Yes, it will fit in a shirt pocket and it’s not heavy at all, but I would recommend getting a case and screen protector. I picked both up from Amazon. I prefer a belt holster, so the cases from Republic Wireless didn’t fit my needs.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies. They were all very helpful.
In order to get the phone by Christmas, I have ordered it from a different website. I also have a Republic Wireless sim card ordered and will see to it that my friend gets his service transferred to his new phone.
Many thanks again!

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