Will the Moto Edge (2020) phone currently available on the Motorola website work with republic?

I saw that a version of the Moto Edge (Part # XT2063-2 or PAJ90004US) is supported for republic BYOP. I’ve already found posts here saying the 2021 is not supported so my assumption would be the 2020 is the one supported by Republic.

However, I’ve searched through the info page on the Motorola website and can’t find a part number listed anywhere. On top of that the Motorola website has Republic listed as a non-compatible carrier for the Edge 2020. Are they mistaken or is the version of the Edge that works with Republic just no longer available?

You ask a good question. Motorola makes it really hard to determine exactly what you are buying. I believe the Moto Edge that is on sale right now is the Moto Edge (2020) that works with Republic Wireless, but it’s probably best to ask the source. There’s an option in the lower right corner of the Moto Edge (2020) product web page on the Motorola site to start a chat with a product expert:


I would strongly advise asking only for the model number being sold. In my experience the “experts” at Motorola are not generally reliable when asked things about what phones are compatible where or anything more than very basic product information.

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