Will the Moto G 4 Plus work on the CDMA 3.0 Plan?

Sprint works better in some areas around here.

Wondering if the Moto G 4 Plus work on the CDMA 3.0 Plan?


Hi @wayloncovil,

The Moto G4 PLUS is capable of working on CDMA as well as GSM networks. That said, Republic’s bring your own phone program is limited to coverage provisioned with its’ GSM network partner. Certain phones sold by Republic may be provisioned for CDMA (Sprint) coverage. More on that here: Republic Wireless Coverage. Please note the Moto G4 PLUS is a permanent sell out at Republic’s online store.

Hi @wayloncovil!

Yes, the Moto G4 Plus is capable of running on Republic’s CDMA partner. However, in order to ensure you get the CDMA version, I would recommend opening a help ticket at: Republic Help. Please make sure to explain your situation . Hope that helps!


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