Will the New 5G system Make my cellphone obsolete?

Will my cellphone become obsolete when 5G comes out later this year? If so, I do not want to buy a new phone right now.

It will be literally years before there is anything approaching nationwide coverage of 5G. Even at that time it’ll be years longer than that before 4G gets removed from the network. As there is only one 5G phone currently on the market, and it is available only for one carrier, there is nothing at all to worry about buying a phone now. It will likely be at least a couple of years before 5G phones are practical for the average consumer. My bet is they won’t become mainstream for purchase until 2021 at the earliest.

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I agree with @louisdi on this 5G (5th Generation of Cell Technology) is more hype than a product and will be for the next couple years (the official Standard of 5G is Not even finalized yet)
In perspective LTE (4th Gen) was introduce to the world in 2009 and 2010 and 3rd Gen was 1st introduce about 2001 (and is still supported on the Sprint and Verizon {note Verizon will be shutting down most of it’s 3 G Network in December of this year keeping only a few towers for business customers} Sprint was saying it wanted to shut down it’s 3G network sometime in 2022 but that time frame may move if/when they merge with T-Mobile

Your cellphone will be too slow for 5G from the CELL TOWER and it will disappoint you.
WiFi will work ok.
There is big media HYPE about 5G rollout. Smartphones are only as good as the network. The 5G backbone will take many years and big dollar TELCO spending for widespread roll out . TELCOs must support basic calling/txting for 911 service on old phones.
New Tech adoption is always driven by gamers and business, spending more for 5G streaming. A smartphone bought this year will be ok …as the battery life cycle will probably fail B4 cell tower 5G is widespread and AFFORDABLE.
As REPUBLIC…ans, we love WiFi and 5G will come quickly. IMHO

Here is a link to a recent article in Tom’sGuide The Truth About 5G: What’s Coming (and What’s Not) in 2019

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