Will the new Huawei Ascend 5w come with Huawei's EMUI?


Do all their phones come with that user interface? Anyone with have any experience with it? Little hesitant to take a dive into that. I see from a review the Honor 5x only comes with 9.6 GB storage after the default apps, that’s pretty tight.




Being not yet released but soon I don’t know anyone knowing that answer yet. On a hunch I would say yes to Huawei’s EMUI, but don’t quote me. 5.4GB is plausible for a phone with factory installed apps. Some Moto phones are 4.+GB for the OS install and apps. On a 16GB phone it’s fine but a 8GB phone it won’t leave much left in the memory. In my Opinion all 8GB phones are useless except using as a phone only and disabling all unused apps. The 8GB phones will eventually get real slow if the apps keep getting updated

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Thanks, ya kind of figured as much. Seems strange there is virtually no info on this phone 6 days before it is available. Maybe not stange, I don’t know.

I’m using a Moto G 3 right now, it has 11.8 GB of free storage. Tough call for me. Not a fan of the bigger phones, less storage, but it’s nicer “looking” and comes with 6 months of free service. Hmmm


Yes it uses EMUI


If you pop a MicroSD card in and use it as adoptable internal storage that would make sufficient room I would hope.


Do you know if it will be EMUI 5.0?



Probably the latest greatest update available.

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Well I hope so. So far it seems that EMUI 5 comes with Nougat, and this phone has Marshmallow by spec. So I’m not so sure. EMUI - previous versions - are too far away form standard stock Android for my taste.