Will there be WiFi calling on 5.0 on my Moto G7 Power?

Im currently on my choice. Think of upgrading to 5.0. I have a moto g7 power. I don’t see wifi calling avaiable. It currenlty working well with the republic app. If I upgrade to 5.0 will the wifi calling appear? and will it be as good as the republic app? I rely on wifi calling when at home because of no other signal.



Hi @edwards.bjxhvx,

Your Moto G7 Power is on Republic’s certified list for 5.0 bring your own phones:

What that means is, according to AT&T, your Moto should have WiFi calling on Republic’s new plans. AT&T is Republic’s network partner for its new 5.0 plans.

Given you mention being dependent on WiFi calling at home, I’m hesitant to suggest you move to 5.0 without first testing your Moto G7 Power for yourself. Doing so is possible but not as straightforward as I or Republic would like. Please keep in mind, 5.0 is all of 4 days old and your My Choice plan is grandfathered so moving to 5.0 is entirely optional for you. You might consider waiting a bit. Once some of us have 5.0 SIMs in our hands, more information will become available. If still interested in checking out 5.0 sooner rather than later, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Order a 5.0 SIM from a newly created account. For now, a new account is needed anyway though Republic is working on making it possible to migrate to 5.0 using an existing account in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Upon receipt, activate the 5.0 SIM accepting a new number rather than moving your current Republic number.
  3. Test WiFi calling and cellular coverage with your Moto G7 Power. Since 5.0 coverage is provided on AT&T’s network, you may find you now have cellular coverage.

If you are happy with the results on 5.0, cancel the new SIM leveraging Republic’s 30-day money back guarantee, then order a new SIM for the purpose of migrating from My Choice to 5.0.

If not happy with the results on 5.0, cancel the new SIM leveraging Republic’s 30-day money back guarantee and stick with My Choice unless and until ready to upgrade your phone.


I have exactly the same issue - same Moto G7 Power and dependent on my current Choice plan on wifi calling. The only thing I would add is that I do not see in my current settings anywhere on my phone the ability to turn on/off wifi calling. Will this setting appear with the new SIM? Will the behavior for wifi calling be the same - currently the phone just routes the call through my wifi. Will I need to do anything different to make a wifi call?

I am concerned that the only response at this time is to try it and see what happens. Since Republic and many of its members have been dependent on wifi calling for years, I’m disappointed there is not more information about it with this rollout.

I would hope Republic will document and make available as much information about wifi calling as soon as possible.


I have the utmost respect for you, but this is plain nuts. You can’t have people buying SIMs, then testing out a feature as critical (for many of us) as WiFi, then canceling if something’s not working correctly. RW needs to work with AT&T to come up with a list of phones that are tested and approved for wifi calling. You should not be expecting your customers to do that testing!


Hi @ceedee,

Republic has worked with AT&T and that list is linked here:

If one wants to take AT&T’s word for it, use the list. In my opinion, there is no possible way AT&T has tested every phone on that list nor are they going to do so.

I would agree the subset of My Choice compatible phones on that list should be tested with Republic’s 5.0 SIM and Republic can do that with no need for AT&T’s help.

I have no such expectation. I specifically suggested the member who posted this topic might want to wait until more information is available. But, if someone is inclined to move forward without waiting for additional information, I strongly encourage them to test first because moving from My Choice to 5.0 is a one-way trip.

I think folks need to remember short of a lost/stolen/broken phone, there is no need to move from My Choice to 5.0 now. The 5.0 plans have been available for all of 5 days. I counsel patience but not everyone wants to be patient.


Hi @ceedee,

We are trying.

We’d encourage anyone for whom WiFi calling is critical to wait. We’ll try to get the answers they need. We’re not asking anyone to do the testing for us. Roland is offering an option for those who like the idea of being an early adopter and testing things.

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“All phones sold on republicwireless.com as of December 1, 2021 are certified and fully compatible with our 5.0 plans”

^^ That statement is not the same as :

" What that means is, according to AT&T, your Moto should have WiFi calling on Republic’s new plans."

Until “should” becomes “fully certified” RW needs to reverse the plans to what the user originally if something breaks.

There are two different meanings of certified involved. Phones sold at Republic’s online store are indeed certified as fully compatible with Republic’s 5.0 plans and one can expect WiFi calling to work.

Then there’s “Certified BYOP List - Updated as of December 1, 2021” taken from https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/4413599944471-Phone-Compatibility-on-5-0-Plans. It’s the latter certified I’m referencing in this topic and which means, according to AT&T, phones listed as certified for BYOP should have WiFi calling.

I fully appreciate something more definitive than should is required. I’m not encouraging members to test on their own. I would encourage them to wait for more definitive information. If, however, one is insistent on trying 5.0 plans now, (which, again, is not my recommendation if WiFi calling is an important consideration for someone), the method I outlined will allow for that without first moving away from My Choice.

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Thanks Roland and I understand, but from a user standpoint, it’ may well turn out to be a distinction without a difference.

DW should allow plan reversals for BYOD’s that don’t work until that’s a solid “shall” instead of “should”.

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The technical capability for that simply doesn’t exist. Moving one’s number from My Choice to 5.0 deactivates one’s My Choice SIM. Republic has made it clear, it no longer has the ability to activate My Choice SIMs.

Hi Roland

I fully understand that it creates a difficult problem for RW/Dish. Given the nature of the situation and the current way things are being marketed that’s exactly where the problem should exist…NOT on that of the customer.

If it means sending a new SIM and some data entry on RW’s part, so be it. If they absolutely can’t do that due to contractual reasons with TM or whoever, then they have a problem that should be solved by crediting roaming, etc.

It’s not the My Choice SIM that would be the problem. It’s that, to the best of my knowledge, the facility for activating or reactivating a My Choice SIM no longer exists. It would have to be rebuilt and I don’t see that happening.

[quote=“rolandh, post:13, topic:39224”]
the facility for activating or reactivating a My Choice SIM no longer exists

Then Republic/Dish has a problem.

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Then just delay killing the My Choice plan for a week or two after a user switches to 5.0. Then there would be no need to restart it if 5.0 didn’t work out. Of course, I strongly suspect DISH would like to see all the legacy plans go away and is unlikely to agree to anything that would aid their continuation.

Moving one’s number from one SIM to another deactivates the previously active SIM. There isn’t a way to delay that.

The way to see if 5.0 works out is not to move your number when activating the 5.0 SIM. It’s entirely possible to do so though, yes, it’s inconvenient.

If DISH’s goal was to simply kill legacy plans (My Choice and those that came before it), they could very easily do so by making 5.0 mandatory rather than optional, which they have not done.


Because we rely on WiFi calling at home & are on the My Choice Plan can move the sim to a new phone & remain on the My Choice? We are going to need to replace my husbands phone soon & want to remain on the My Choice for the WiFi calling.

If the My Choice SIM in question is GSM, it may be moved from one My Choice compatible phone to another My Choice compatible phone:

Please note Republic no longer sells My Choice compatible phones, so you would need to source a My Choice compatible phone from a third party retailer. You would be looking for one of the 3.0 phones listed here:

Will any unlocked phone work with the new plans or is there a list for them also?

My sister is on the refund plan & needs to get a new phone with the new plan & I’ve seen some WiFi concerns, She would need WiFi access since she has no data access in her house. Will the new 5.0 plan work the say with WiFi?

the Refund plan will continue to work for a few more months so unless there an issue with your sister phone there no need to make a quick decision

5.0 plans are a more traditional cell concept and will not use Republic WiFi backbone but the WiFi backbone of the new underlying carrier (AT&T) for WiFi calling calling.and that carrier is only letting approved phones do those, other phones may work as a cell voice text and data only those certified by AT&T will do WiFI voice, all phones will use WiFi for data

do note just because the current underlying carrier (old Sprint) doesn’t have data doesn’t mean that the new underlying carrier doesn’t have data in that location ATT has a different footprint than the old Sprint network

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