Will there ever be an an expansion of accepted model numbers for the Samsung S8+?


My previous phone I got second hand from a friend. It lasted me a surprisingly long time for the amount of usage it’s had. It has, however, sadly gave up the ghost. I was able to get a refurbished Samsung s8+ for $459 but the full model number wasn’t listed. It turns out that the model number was G955U. Is there any chance this model number would ever be accepted in the future? I don’t want to have to leave RW. If not are does anyone have any suggested services that are just as good or better?


Hi @lindseyb.xqpnni,

I never say never but it’s highly unlikely. The phone you purchased is carrier branded. Republic requires use of North American factory unlocked variants.


Unlikely. Republic has never supported anything by the factory unlocked version of any phone. You can learn more about finding the right S8 here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


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