Will this Moto Z work with Republic Wireless?


I found a Moto Z that might work with Republic Wireless on E-bay. I would buy it from Republic, I just want to save as much money as I can. Thanks in advance.


You can find compatible phones list in the help center


I realize that I am just wondering if this fits that bill.


Hi @rebeccac.utjgyh,

I’m afraid we can’t verify for you from the description. I suggest asking the seller to verify model XT-1650-03 as specified here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.


The Moto-Z compatible with RW is model # XT1650-03. If it doesn’t have the 03 at the end, it is not compatible. You ebay link doesn’t show the 03 so you are probably out of luck. You could contact the seller to ask.

I had a similar question about a Moto Z play and was told that some models were made for specific carriers and, even when unlocked, don’t work with RW.

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In addition to @rolandh’s excellent advice, please note that the description clearly states that they sell international versions of the phone…and RW requires North American, Factory Unlocked versions…so that right there would be red flag. It is definitely possible that this is a generic warning…however, you will need to confirm this from the seller…before you consider any purchase.

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