Will this non-Republic Samsung S10e phone work on RW?

My current Motorola phone is a “brick” and I can’t find a phone on RW that I can afford and receive in a timely manner.
Although reluctant to do so, I looked on Amazon and found a Samsung S10e that says, “unlocked by Samsung, US Version”. The model number is SM-G970UZBEXAA
That appears to be a Samsung model listed by RW that will work with RW but I wanted to confirm before placing an order. Thank You,

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The 4th one listed by RW is what Amazon lists as it’s S10e model number.

I have the GSM SIM card from my G7 do it should work.

Hi @thomast.ambebg, as long as the listing you’re viewing is by a reputable seller and they haven’t misrepresented the information, then if the model number matches what we’ve listed as supported, then it would work, and moving your GSM SIM card would work as well.

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It is being sold by Amazon, not by a third party

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