Will this otterbox cover fit my new moto x pure?

OtterBox 77-51811 Black 3rd Generation Defender Case Cover for Motorola Moto X Pure Edition - 18928904 - Overstock.com S…

Hi @thomasg.o6v3nv

It certainly should. Putting the model #77-51811 into a search brings up results for the Otterbox Pure cases.

Ok thanks – that’s what it said the number of the model of the phone was! I just know that republic had slightly different sized phones in the past (even if it was a certain type of phone), and I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the fast reply!

You might want to look at this case too. Have one and works good as long a port covers are carefully pressed into place. Also available at Amazon and less with free ship if Prime member.

Motorola X Pure Water Resistant Full Body Case by SUPCASE

I would’ve like to get a OB Commuter had they been available. The nubs on the rear/side of that Defender turned me off.

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