Will those on Educator Discount be Grandfathered in once the plan ends?

I read on Reddit that someone was told by a RW chat agent that those on the Educator Discount plan would not lose their discount when the program ends in May. They would be Grandfathered in at the 50% off price. I read otherwise on this forum.

Can an employee confirm or deny? Sadly, I have been given wrong info by chat agents in the past but have always had positive help and correct info on the forum. Thanks

I believe this Support Note provides the official answer

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So no grandfathering in? That is how I understood it when I read that as well but was confused when I heard that a chat person told another subscriber that they would be grandfathered in.

Seems like another case of a misinformed chat agent :frowning:

Yes, it does. The discount does not continue (there is no grandfathering, the program is simply over).

Thanks for the confirmation.


Would you be able to point me to that reddit thread? I’d like to find a way to trace this back and make sure the chat agent has the correct information.

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Not sure how to link the thread to this forum via my phone but its mentioned in the newest post in the r/republicwireless group.

It’s discussing the new the $15 T-Mobile Connect plan.


Thank you, I’ve found it.

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