Will "Unlocked" Samsung Galaxy S9 Work with Republic Wireless

Hi, I am interested in buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9. The reviews are really only sometimes negative because many who buy the phone claim it is only unlocked for Sprint, ATT and T-Mobile, not Verizon.

I wanted to ask, if the phone is compatible with each of those carriers, will the phone work for republic wireless? Since RW uses Sprint/ T-mobile, it makes sense that it should, however I am not sure since it is a RW sim card that you must put into the phone.

the phone needs to be US Regional Factory Unlocked (which is different than Carrier unlocked) , if they are saying it will not work on Verizon then it most likely a Verizon version that Verizon is blacklisting due to non payment.

Hi Michael, Welcome to the Republic Community! @drm186 is correct, the correct phone should work with all the major carriers. The fact that the seller is saying it won’t work with Verizon is a bad sign and I would avoid that device.

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Thanks for your help. Do you know if the unlocked versions of the phone that Samsung lists directly on their site is compatible with RW? They do not seem to list model numbers so I can’t use the guide to determine this.

Yes, the unlocked models available directly from Samsung are indeed compatible.


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