Will we be getting update to 7.1 nugget for motto x 2 ND generation?


Moto x 2 ND generation. Can we do VR with this phone?


Hi @lindag.k52nyo!

Unfortunately, the Moto X 2nd gen will not be getting the update to Nougatt. As far as VR goes, I am not sure. However, if I had to guess, I would say it’s unlikely it will work with Google Daydream. Sorry about that!



While you won’t get Android Nougat there are many VR apps compatible with your phone. I’ve been playing around with an Extreme VR Vue viewer and the Moto X 2nd gen.


To note… Even if you got the update it wouldn’t do anything for you. The Daydream compatibility in Nougat is a lot more than just Nougat and thus far the only phones that are working with Daydream are the Pixels although other manufactures have said their phones (such as the ZTE Axon 7) are compatible and that it will be coming in an update.

The X2 can use Google Cardboard compatibility on Lollipop just as well as it could on MM or Nougat.