Will we get IPv6 in '18?

Could we see republic wireless offer IPv6 access next year? With mobile being a huge push on IPv6 endpoints I would think getting VoIP shifted over Sprint and T-Mobile networks would make life easier for republic. I have IPv6 at home as well and it’s pretty awesome to avoid NAT when working with applications end to end.

Question of curiosity. Are you suggesting Republic should route the WiFi portion of its blended WiFi/cell service over the network of one of its cellular partners. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended service. I ask because WiFi calls and text messaging is currently routed over the VoIP network of its former corporate parent Bandwidth.com.

I don’t know whether routing that over the networks of one of its cellular partners would be easier. I doubt it would be as cost effective.

IPv6 (in and of itself) regardless of network is a different subject.

No I wasn’t suggesting the WiFi portion be handed off to cell service providers. I imagine the cell calls are riding the Sprint/T-Mobile network as IPv6 packets already. Rather I was inquiring about IPv6 service while making on call on WiFi. Using IPv6 could simplify making calls as it avoid NAT and port translations that are performed by WiFi routers when connecting to ISPs. Instead the phone could have a unique IPv6 address and that would eliminate the need to port translate, you would still need to initiate UDP flows to open stateful firewalls to let packets pass back and forth.

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