Will you be signing with with US cellular as google's fi package has done?



I move between places in the US, one in midwest 54985 where I get (spotty) cell coverage at best with Republic. My wife has just joined Google’s fi network which uses as one of it’s carriers US cellular. We havn’t been to WI yet but I am certainly interested to see the difference in networks. Any chance US Cellular is on Republic’s horizon?



Good Morning @waynev.3egz7i,

For the most part those of us here in Community are fellow members doing our best to help other members like you. Republic staff drops in from time to time. That said, I think it unlikely that Republic staff will confirm or deny any potential future cellular partner additions until ready to announce that publicly.

If you’re thinking of Republic adding multi cell carrier switching similar to Fi, I don’t expect that to change in the short-run. Currently (depending on phone) Republic phones use the network of Republic’s GSM partner or Sprint. Were U.S. Cellular added, I’d expect that would be another or choice as opposed to an and option.