Will your phones switch between providers like Google Fi does?

Hi are you planning on having T-Mobile and Sprint on new plans and hopefully switchable between the two ; whoever has stronger signal ; like Google Fi does??

RW does not plan on the switching between providers. You would have to choose between CDMA or GSM plans. You can find more information reading some of the articles in this link.


the way they have describe how it will work once Sprint is on 3.0 type plans is it will be Sprint or GSM partner (t-mobile) but they could be keep this a secret only time will tell (still no hard deadline for CDMA on 3.0 best we got was a hope by end of year and there still investigating it

note not all 3.0 phones will work on CDMA (Samsung Galaxy S6, J3 and Moto Z, Z play do not have CDMA radios )

Was this the answer looked for? I am currently w/ Google Fi. I have an app “FiSwitch” that allows me to see which carrier I am on and also switch to any of three, manually or automatically. I expect it wont work w/ RW. I have used this featured app while in lo signal [no /lo bars] and highly recommend it as it seems to make the difference, sometimes in fringe areas, in being able to send in my daily spreadsheet or not.

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