Win tickets to a BYU football game!


Because I’m a huge BYU Football and Republic Wireless fan!!


We deserve the tickets to the BYU game because we have just moved to Provo and there is no better way to get to know our awesome new “neighbors” than by being able to cheer on the home team in the stands. Just think of all of the wonderful new people we can meet by attending just one game.


I would love these 2 tickets because I am a true cougar fan and want to cheer on the BYU cougars!


I haven’t had the opportunity to take my son to a football game yet!


Looks fun, please enter me in the drawing.


I’m locking the thread, as the deadline to enter has passed. We’ll conduct the drawing later this morning.




I’ve re-opened the thread so we can do the drawing. @rolandh has kindly offered to help.

I have saved a randomized list of eligible entries which Roland has not seen.
Roland will pick a number.
I will verify the username associated with that line number on the randomized list. If the username is eligible, I will announce that username as our winner! Verification may take me a few minutes.

Are you ready @rolandh!?


I am.


Please pick an integer between 1 and 19, inclusive.


I’ve always been partial to number 3.


(This is so exciting!) Hang on everyone and let me take a peek at number three…


We have our first potential BYU football game ticket winner!


Congratulations @tylers.ifjefh!!!

Now, according to the BYU Football Ticket Giveaway Rules and Regulations I need to contact our potential winner by phone, text, and/or E-mail, and he has until 6:00 PM MT today to reply to accept the prize. If you know @tylers.ifjefh, let him know! He can reply in this thread, or in response to my contact to him.

I’ll work on making the list available after taking care of winner notification.


Congrats to @tylers.ifjefh and his wife! :birthday:




Thanks guys! Super stoked for the game!


Always good to get a win on opening weekend. Congrats to the Cougar faithful.

Hope you had a great time at the game @tylers.ifjefh.

Bring on LSU, right!


I hope @tylers.ifjefh enjoyed the game! I’m closing this thread, but for your next chance to win, please respond in our BYU vs. Utah giveaway thread: