Win tickets to the BYU vs. San Jose State Game on 10/28/17


Hi @SLC_Area members!

Ready for the next home-game giveaway? We hear the dance team alone is worth going to see!

Here’s how you can win two tickets to the BYU vs. San Jose State game on 10/28/17:

To enter, you must reply here before 11:59 pm MT on Tuesday, 10/24/17, and answer this question:
What will the final score be for the BYU vs. San Jose State game?

We’ll conduct a random drawing from the eligible entries Wednesday morning, 10/25/17.
We’ll post the winner’s username here by 10:00 AM MT on Wednesday 10/25/17, and contact the winner by phone, text message, and/or E-mail.
The winner must respond to accept the prize by 6:00 PM MT on Wednesday, 10/25/17 to avoid forfeiting the prize!
(Complete details are in the official rules and regulations.)
By entering, you agree to all the giveaway rules and regulations.

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BYU 21, San Jose 14.


Wow…that dance team is awesome.
Especially the mascot. No clue how they dance that well in the get up!

Good luck to Cougar nation this weekend. Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.


BYU 21, San Jose 20.


San Jose 28 BYU 17

Too bad this team is a dumpster fire this year, not going to get a ton of interest for people wanting to go see them fall apart even more


Yeah, sorry to see them struggle this year @bradys.e2l5s8.

I guess you can take solace in the fact that its times like these where you can separate the true fans from the fair weather friends.

Hopefully the lads will dig deep this weekend and send San Jose back to California with a loss.


We have three eligible entries this week, and will do our drawing in just a few minutes. Good luck to @bridgetw.zzkca9, @lancethepants and @bradys.e2l5s8!


@mb2x has graciously offered to draw our winning number today.

@mb2x please pick a number: 1, 2, or 3 ??? Who will our winner be?! (I’ve made a secret random list associating the winners with the numbers.)


The winner is 3!



From my random list:


Our winner is @lancethepants! I’ll be contacting you by support ticket in a few minutes @lancethepants, congratulations!!

Thanks for your help @mb2x!


Is that XP?!?!




That notepad looks ancient!


@bradys.e2l5s8 and @bridgetw.zzkca9 - thanks for playing! Please try again in November when we give away tickets to the UMass game.

We’ll also check in after the game to send a little something to the person who came closest to predicting the final score.


Wow, never won anything before. Even with 1 in 3 odds I’d figure it’d never be me.


Hi @lancethepants,

Did you receive the E-mailed Support ticket?


I did not receive an email, but I’ve logged in and responded to the ticket.


Thanks! I’ve responded there with the info you’ll need to claim the tickets. Enjoy the game!


Thanks! Looks like the odds were good but not in our favor :wink:


Better luck next time @bridgetw.zzkca9! Speaking of which, do you like basketball… because there’s this: