Win tickets to the BYU vs. San Jose State Game on 10/28/17


Thanks for the tickets! Boy those seats aren’t bad :slight_smile: Great day, and BYU won one too.


Hi @lancethepants, thanks for letting us know you enjoyed the game! Could I interest you in a couple of basketball tickets for tomorrow, since no one entered to win them?


Oh man, I would be all over that, but I have non-refundable tickets for another event tomorrow. I have numerous friends and family also on republic (through my evangelizing efforts) that might be able. Would you be in a position to give them to someone local with republic wireless who posts here?


Sure, but remember that they have to be added to this “group” to be able to reply, and I need to take a lunch break, so I may not see any such request immediately. That puts existing group members at an advantage.

I’ll update the thread where I posted the giveaway:

and the first person to let me know they can use the tickets may have them, if we can get the info to the Will Call booth in time.

I’ll lock this thread so no one posts here to try to claim them, by mistake.