Win tickets to the BYU vs. Utah football game on 9/9/17


Hi SLC_Area members!

Ready for the next home-game giveaway? Remember, Republic Wireless is partnering with BYU Football as we focus on connecting people to the things they love.

Let’s “score” again by giving away tickets for the the BYU vs. Utah football game on September 9! To win, just reply here, answering this question: What do you think the final score will be?

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • To enter, you must reply here before 11:59 pm MT September 5, 2017.
  • We’ll conduct a random drawing from the eligible entries the morning of September 6, 2017.
  • We’ll post the winner’s username here by 10:00 AM MT on September 6, 2017, and contact the winner by phone, text message, and/or E-mail.
  • The winner must respond to accept the prize by 6:00 PM MT on September 6, 2017 to avoid forfeiting the prize!
  • (Complete details are in the official rules and regulations.)

By entering, you agree to all the giveaway rules and regulations.

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Win tickets to a BYU football game!

BYU 28, Utah 24

Go Cougs!!! :slight_smile:


BYU 24 Utah 17.


I’m holding out for a BYU win, 20-14. Hopefully the offense remembers to come too! :slight_smile:


BYU 17 Utah 14! Go cougs!


BYU 33 Utah 30!


Utah 34 BYU 17


@SLC_Area, don’t let the Labor Day holiday throw off your week! Tickets for this week’s BYU vs. Utah game are in this week’s drawing, and entries must be in before 11:59 PM MT tonight!

Reply in this thread with the winning score for your chance to win. We’ll also have a little something for the closest guess. :smiley_cat:


Utah for the win, 17-10


Wow, odds look really great for this week’s giveaway! I see only seven eligible entries!

I’m temporarily closing the thread, scrambling the entries, and finding a willing volunteer to help with the drawing. We’ll pick the winner in a few minutes.




The entries have been scrambled, and @louisdi has kindly volunteered to select the winning entry number this week.

@louisdi, please tell me the winning number, an integer from 1 to 7. I’ll compare your pick to the scrambled list, and announce a winner. :southpawpoms:


Let’s go with #3 for my 3 kids!


Number three it is! Number three was randomly assigned to our late-night entry.
Congratulations @kcowley_1!! :southpawpoms:

I’ll be contacting @kcowley_1 by a number of methods, and must have a response accepting the ticket by 6:00 PM MT.

Here’s the scrambled list of entrants - usernames on the left, their assigned number on the right.


If anyone else still wants to guess the final score, you can’t win tickets, but we’ll compare those answers to the actual final score and award some RW swag.

We’ll open up the entries for the Wisconsin game later this week, and we’ll be coming to BYU for that one!


Hooray! How do I claim the tickets?


Hi @kcowley_1!

I was E-mailing you by support ticket with the details! I’ll have it sent to you in a few minutes!


Sorry BYU fans, the final score was Utah 19, BYU 13. I think that makes @kcowley_1 our nearest guess, right?

Don’t miss your chance to win tickets to next week’s BYU - Wisconsin game. Republic Wireless will be there hosting a tailgating event!