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I have a Moto G5+ phone and have never been on the internet, just phone calls and texting. I pay just for that. I have become interested in a security camera that sends pictures to my phone. Do I have to pay for full time data? Honestly I do not even know how to access the internet on my phone. I use a computer for all of that. I could use some information. Thanks.

By design all smartphones (like you have) are WiFi capable, and you normally don’t pay for data beyond the cost you are already paying.

  • If you have internet that you PC accesses then all you should have to do covered here. How to Search For and Connect to WiFi – Republic Help using the same name/password that you use on the PC
  • You may not have WiFi, but if you would post back the make/model of your modem/router (or equipment provided by you ISP (Internet Service Provider) one of will check that out and let you know what you need
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I do have wifi throughout the house for computer, TV, and our phones but the phone has never accessed the internet like Facebook.

ok, if that gets you by the hard part, the Republic ‘How to’ doc above outlines the next steps to take

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Did you get going on WiFi or would a bit more help be needed?

I have wifi and it is connected all the time while here at home. My problem is, how do I connect to things like Facebook and other web sites. When I turn on Google in the apps (normally off), it shows only utube, and 3 others. How do I get past that to enter like wunderground? or Facebook, or something like that? I have been building computers for 40 years and I still do, so I know them very well, but nowhere do I see where I can enter a site.

ok, I think I see the problem.
Rather than opening ‘Google’, you need to open a browser, all Android phones come with Google Chrome installed, but you can download and use others from the Google Play Store.

  • Find Chrome App … in the app drawer (1 finger swipe up from the bottom on my Moto X4), I then move the Chrome icon to my home page at the bottom next to the phone to save tracking it down again. This should get you on familiar ground and the search window/url line is combined for ease of use. You can also use voice search by hitting the mic in the window

You nailed it. Exactly what I was looking for. I cannot thank you enough.
It was right there all along. I was going to settings and Google. Sorry it took me so long.

Thanks again.

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Perfectly understandable, with all the things called ‘Google’ the phone is loaded with that come along with Android.


But…But…but…when I put in a simple url like https://www.facebook.com or many more I tried, then pressed the magnifying glass, each time it says “something went wrong. Try again”.

I like my computers better.


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