Wireless router recommendation

I recently purchased a TrendnetAC1900 dual band wireless router and am having serious connectivity issues with our two Moto G 1st generation phones.

I have already spent hours in contact with tech support at TrendNet and have done all of the basic troubleshooting with Republic, so none of the obvious fixes have worked.

I plan to return the router and purchase another one. **Can anyone recommend a wireless router in the $100-$125 range that will work in a medium-sized home and will connect with the Moto G phones? **Thank you.

I have this old workhorse

Amazon.com: Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi Wireless-G Broadband Router: Electronics

still going strong for me. Works with my Moto X1, E2 and Moto X Pure without any issues.

Xfinity keeps pushing their newer “free” upgrade router on me… but so far I have resisted


For something that came out in 2005…it still works a charm… I’m not changing it until

the antennas fall off :slight_smile:

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