Wirkus registration data and inquiry RE: Bluetooth

I tried some days ago to inquire about why my Bluetooth will not stay in the
"“on” position. This lead to “We have no records for you”.

My wife and I have been customers now for about eight weeks. I received a

good note from “Jim” at the Help Desk.

I am finally getting back to him or to someone else at the Desk today.

To confirm: the phone service is in the names of [redacted]

Hopefully, all questions were answered via this message. Tom E. Wirkus@

*Moderator’s note: Personal information redacted. This forum is an online Community open to the entire internet. **Please do not post personal information. You can revisit your support ticket at: Republic Help ***

Hi @tomeandloisaw.ssvj6g,

This is a public forum where members help one another understand how to use their phones.

To revisit your Help ticket and continue validating your account, please reply to the E-mail you received requesting that information.

You created that Help ticket from an E-mail address that is not associated with your phone account. That is why the account-specific information was requested.

The best way to get the help you need is to stay logged into this account that you used to create this post and click this link: Help, and scroll down the page to click “Open a Ticket.”

You can ask that your old ticket which is awaiting the validation info,1059913, be merged into the new ticket you are creating.

Message an
Expert customer