With new changes, will there be an option to NOT be classified as VOIP? to be able to use ZELLE

I have loved RW - since 2012. BUT I’m going to have to change regarding banking issues .

issues: (As long as the FCC classifies VoIp numbers as Landlines we will not be able to receive text messages from Wells Fargo. Even if the number falls through their cracks and you do receive text messages, in all likelihood their system will catch up with it and terminate the feature.) T

This is the same for many online stock trading companies.
I’m hoping that there will be a new plan that will classify us differently with the FCC no longer voip but cell.

Hi @hollyw.dn22vm,

Republic has stated forthcoming new plans will not involve VoIP numbers. Here’s the announcement:

That said, my experience as a Wells Fargo customer is that Wells Fargo itself will accept Republic’s VoIP numbers. This is what I see when signing into Wells Fargo’s online banking:

Screen Shot 2021-12-11 at 1.31.56 PM

Republic specifically worked with Wells Fargo to get them to accept Republic’s VoIP numbers, so I don’t believe it’s a matter of falling through the cracks.

Zelle, however, has its own rules and will not accept Republic (or other) VoIP numbers and will indeed catch up with any that fall through their cracks (been there done that).

I’m content to use Google Pay (built into every Android phone), PayPal or Square’s Cash app in lieu of Zelle. All have no issue with my Republic VoIP number. I may or may not switch to one of Republic’s forthcoming new plans but either way I will continue to use the alternatives I mention rather than Zelle. Zelle hasn’t been interested in supporting me, so I have no interest in supporting Zelle but to each their own.

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It will not be an option on new plans. Numbers on new plans will be “real” mobile numbers not VoIP. The option if, for some reason, one prefers VoIP, is to continue using what will become grandfathered My Choice plans.