With the G5 plus here at Republic as well as the Moto X pure edition, I would like to know what thoughts are out there as to buying one over the other.

I am planning on purchasing a new phone to replace my 1st generation Moto X, which has been an amazing phone and still going strong. Seeing the G5 plus specs and comparing them to the Moto X Pure, there are obvious differences like android versions, the ability to choose 64gb for the G5 plus but only 32gb for the Moto X pure, and screen size differences. I am not a big picture taker so that won’t be an issue for me since both phones are expandable memory card wise. Is the Moto X pure upgradeable to 7.0 after purchasing is about the only question i have. The phone I choose has to last at least as long as my 1st gen moto x or longer. Any feedback or comments are welcome.

The decision is yours. This might help you make it:

Motorola Moto G5 Plus vs Moto X Pure Edition (2015)

The Moto G5 plus is much newer than the pure which means it will get updates longer. It also has a fingerprint scanner. However, the G5 Plus lacks NFC so no Android Pay (if you are into that). The Moto X Pure will be getting 7.0, but it hasn’t received it yet. It will probably get it by mid-summer.

The G5 having a removable battery seems like a nice feature to me and RW barely mentions it. Back when removable batteries were common I’d always buy one with the phone.

They will tell you that the newer batteries age very well, but if you really want to keep the phone for a long time having a spare battery, or at least the ability to buy one, will give a second life to your phone.

Also could come in handy on hiking trips or the like where access to a charger is limited. Another use you be if you had an extended power outage.

I’ve known many people who end up having to buy a new phone since the other one doesn’t hold a charge long enough. I haven’t checked the price on batteries for this one, but usually they are not that much.

The G5, which may not even be released in the US, has a removable battery. The G5 Plus, which RW and other places sells and is available in the US does not have a removable battery.

Oooops! Thanks for catching that. I was seriously thinking of getting one just for that feature.

LOL I was too, and I don’t even need a new phone! I have a Pure, and MAN, I wish I had a phone with a replaceable battery. I’ll tackle mine myself when and if the time comes, even if it’s scary to rip it all apart.

I’m still wondering. billg’s posted link Motorola Moto G5 Plus vs Moto X Pure Edition (2015) suggest’s that it does, I submitted a correction/double-check at the website.

So, one thing I did notice on the republic wireless site is the G5 plus comes with 4gb ram only if you choose the 64gb option for storage. Otherwise it looks like 2gb ram with the 32gb memory option. I know bigger ram means faster or smoother operation correct? The tiny difference in clock speed between the two should not be that big of a difference, or am I thinking wrongly about that? Does the G5 plus having a gyroscope make any difference? I like the bigger screen and NFC does come in handy. I appreciate you sharing the comparison chart.

Thanks to those who have commented and gave me some feedback.

My wife and I both had Moto x (2nd gen) phones which we liked. I bought a G4 plus a few weeks ago, and she just received her new G5 plus this week. It’s a really sweet phone! Metal instead of plastic case (G4 plus) gives it a quality feeling. Screen is beautiful, speed is snappy, overall nice phone. Makes me wish I held out a few weeks before pulling the trigger on the G4. We both went with 64GB and 4 GB RAM models. I would definitely buy a new G5 plus over a 2 year old Pure. I know they’re nice phones also, but 2 years newer would be the main selling point for me. That’s why I went with the G4 plus instead of a Pure.

That is a good point. I like the bigger screen so my thumbs have more room to text. I am sure there is plenty of room on the G5 Plus as well with a 5.2 inch screen. You are making me think about my choice and I appreciate your feedback. I definitely love the Motorola phone experience over the samsung by far (plus samsung is too expensive) so that isnt a problem. Thank you again for your feedback

I love the fact that you are actually researching and thinking about the phone(s) @michaelq.pj26g6

The Moto X2 seemed huge to me (5.2") moving from the X1 (4.7"). The Moto Pure (5.7") is a large phone. That said, I always put a case my phone which adds bulk.

So are there any advantages to all the sensors on the G5 Plus that would make me want to choose it over a Moto X Pure?

Yikes, 6 day old question…sorry about that.

I can’t speak to the photo quality of the X Pure. But my wife is quite the shutterbug, and she’s loving the camera in her new G5 plus. We can tell it’s noticeably better than the Moto X second gen, and I didn’t think that was a terrible camera. She has sent me quite a few photos from her camera, and they’re quite clear/sharp. Does a much better job in less than ideal lighting. We haven’t had any photos printed yet, but she’ll probably do that soon.

I’m happy with my decision to go with the G4 plus, and the G5 plus is just a notch better (in my opinion).

Anyone with questions about the Moto G5 Plus might want to see Moto G5 Plus - Best Budget Phone

I ended up purchasing the Moto X Pure edition to upgrade to from my Moto X 1st generation phone. I am very happy with the purchase. Even though there was an issue with making outbound calls that putting the phone in airplane mode to disable cellular service and then turning on wifi again has cured the issue, I am pleased with my phone. I want to thank everyone who helped me decide what phone to get with their feedback. It is very much appreciated.

I have a Moto G4 which I got in September. It shuts down randomly several times a day. I hate it! Does either the Moto G5 plus or Moto X Pure shut down randomly? If so, stay away!

Hi @jamesm.svbffj,

My Moto X Pure doesn’t randomly shut down and neither should your Moto G4. Have you tried troubleshooting the issue? If not, I suggest trying the following:

Please clear both the app and Android system caches: Clearing the Cache. If after these steps normal operation is restored, you’re done.

If clearing the caches doesn’t sort things the next step is safe mode: Safe Mode. Safe mode is intended to be a diagnostic tool not a permanent solution. If your phone behaves better while in safe mode, there is a third party app at the root of the issue. You’ll need to identify and remove that app.

If all else fails, it’s time to factory reset your phone: Factory Reset. Please know a factory reset removes all user content stored on your phone. Presuming your phone is stable enough to do so, please note Republic’s guidance for backing up that content prior to factory reset: Before You Perform a Factory Reset.

Personally I have a Moto X Pure and I love it. It is a huge phone with a massive display but idrc. I have ripped the thing apart multiple times (changing the screen) and I hated the 20+ screws that i had to unscrew but hey, it was worth it! I love all the features that it has. It has really been a great phone. While my screen was broken, I had to move over to an iPhone 5 and I realized how much I appreciated my Moto x Pure. It may be an old phone but it is still really competitive. The Moto G line of phones have never really been my favorite. I have a lot of family that use them and its just “eh”. I was actually thinking about moving to the G5 when my Moto X broke but decided to just repair it. Moto x Pure is INSANELY good for the price. I would go with the Moto x Pure.

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